Annus Abrar Thinks First Look and Presentation Matter

Every time you see a woman,the first thing that you notice is the attire. Even if the woman is beautiful, a shabby dress will mar the entire range of aspects otherwise. Yes, first looks are important and create an everlasting impression. Moreover, it is the entire package that builds the image and not any single aspect. Annus Abrar, the Karachi-based designer, does just that. He brings out the beauty of a woman. Today, there is a dress specifically for every occasion. The fashion designer has aimed to bring out the ultimate beauty of a woman, in conjunction with the occasion. Now, every woman can exude charm, in a dress designed strictly for the senses.

A Sneak Peek Into the Designer’s Collection

There is a wide collection that depicts the mood of the designer in the collection of Summer 2020. The beautiful kameez, paired with straight pants are the latest attraction this season. In fact, the world is emulating this style or vice versa. The designer seems to a part of the bandwagon. The designer seems to have given different names to the attires in the collection. They are Marilla, Belladonna, Mint Florian, Lilium and Varda,to name a few. The range is priced upwards of $ 100 and has a class of its own. The designer has used graphite blue chikan fabric for Marilla. It is embroidered throughout. The attire consists of straight cut kameez or a kurta, whatever you are comfortable calling it. The skillful use of embroidery and different kinds of laces has been enhanced by the handcrafted embellishments. You will get chikan straight pants, along with the straight-cut kameez that is a truly wonderful addition. Customers will get different size options, ranging from XS to XL. Moreover, if you to get a fitted set, that is also available. There is a dupatta that comes with it, an integral part of the collection. The designer Annus Abrar will give you various options like plain dupatta, light chikan dupatta, or a hand block printed one. The underlying pants also come in several materials, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. If you are looking for a finestyle of kameez or, more specifically, a Angharka the designer has one for you in the form of Belladonna. The chikan fabric with subtle mirror work as well as floral embroidery, would make any other woman fall in love with the attire. The brand exudes a natural charm, with the subtle use of colors. It is a projection of luxury and class, in a more modern setting.

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