Anon: Anonymous BSC Token Launched By Anonymous Developers

Reason Behind The Creation Of Anon

This community of Anonymous BSC was created to source and find scammers who trouble genuine and valid investments. Those that create the contracts usually have wallets on public record and engage on Telegram and other social media.

The group had already successfully acted on one such scammer and made online crypto transactions a better place – secure and reliable. Their goal of the community is to create a robust platform that allows users from all walks of life to submit info on potential scammers globally.

The Anon team reviews this, and makes it available to the public domain to know more about these scammers. This community consists of a group of anonymous developers who have developed this robust software to detect, analyze and provide a safe place for users to validate potential projects.

This has been a good way to blacklist and regulate a scammers list in an otherwise unregulated BSC space. They also support the fundamental ideas of liberties and freedoms in blockchain. This is in no way an endorsement for regulation. This has currently been some of the best initiatives taken by some action doers who stood up and will continue to do so against malicious intent.

How Anon Came To Reality

Anon is a group of anonymous developers who have come together after being filtered through many telegram groups. Eventually, the developers found themselves in close, intimate circles and began working towards a common goal. The goal was to find scammers and list them publicly in a domain for regular users to be aware and stay more awareful about the various scams around.

The team came together to blacklist and create a safe place with balance in an otherwise unregulated BSC space that is filled with scams. The different skills that these developers bring together are combined to garner a huge social media following almost over night. They achieve a  market cap of 2 Million dollars in 2 hours, and a high of 7 million in 48 hours.

They now have 6500 holders and growing, an updated website and social media on all fronts. The developers are extremely motivated and present  and are now expanding their team to community members to scale and support the mission.Their goal is to achieve national brand expansion to have others join their cause and take bigger actions against scams.

What Do They Do

The Anon community is focused on investing in BSC (The Binance Smart Chain) which is home to some of the most volatile trading environments in the world, operating in a decentralized structure. One function is to be able to provide liquidity to facilitate trading. Investors contribute funds and create a non intermediary trading system that allows users to trade amongst each other.

In this scenario, those selected holders will receive incentives for simply keeping their coins. This allows  for a comfortable trading experience for new investors. Though this may seem as a great idea, the BSC has become a commonplace for many scams resulting in some corrupt people running off with tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars by abusing this system. Through a fail in checks and balances, criminals are able to scam investors out of their money and this happens on a large scale.

The group, having been created after filtering out many individuals, is now set out to create a token – an Anon coin with anti whale and anti abuse / anti pump and dump tokenomics. Due to Anonymous BSC renouncing their ownership, the launch of the coin can not be manipulated or cheated, resulting in the crash of the price intentionally or the lack of liquidity for future trading.

If you are someone interested in crypto trade and want to support their initiative, check out their website and donate if you can.

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