Anthony Nuara: From Door-to-Door Salesperson to Multi-Millionaire

Anthony Nuara

The road to entrepreneurship is often a treacherous one filled with unexpected detours, roadblocks and dead ends. Launching a business can be so challenging, that it will make you wonder why anyone would set out on such a path. But despite all these hardships and seemingly impossible situations, thousands of entrepreneurs still embark on this journey yearly, with the hopes of bringing their ideas to life and seeing their vision being fulfilled.  And amidst this ever growing number of entrepreneurs, very few succeed greatly, making the whole process seem so easy whereas it’s not. Talking about succeeding greatly in business, Anthony Nuara is one of such cases. Thanks to his zeal, persistence and hard work, not only has he managed to scale his business greatly, he’s also helping other people turn theirs into 8/9 figure companies.

At the age of 25, Anthony Nuara started as a door to door sales man. When asked in an interview what his biggest success was, Anthony replied “getting into door to door sales I had $1,000 in my bank at 25 years old, but I took a huge risk and now I’m a multi millionaire at 31”. So, how then did Anthony Nuara manage to grow from $1,000 to tons of millions within 5 years? By putting in that extra needed work.

Anthony says the biggest lesson he had to learn on his journey, was being in charge of his emotions. “If you can’t manage your emotions you won’t go far in life” he says. He also added “when was the last time you did something smart when you were very angry?”.

Along the line, Anthony had to learn to be in charge of his emotions, never leaving room for negativity and doubt. And from that moment, his life began to take a drastic turn financially. He was already putting in the hard work, and now fused with the right emotions, he started making his way to the top. Anthony Nuara has created, and now runs multiple 8/9 figure companies. He even says he had his best year financially in 2020, despite the covid and global unrest. Anthony is not leaving room for failure! And if there is, he’ll only learn from his mistakes and bounce back stronger than ever!

Anthony Nuara is now the CEO and founder of multiple big companies. A solar company called Freedom Power Solutions, a water purification company called Freedom Water Solutions, he also heads a community of investors called Freedom Investing, and runs an Amazon automation company know as Amazon Freedom as well.  Anthony and his staff are all about under promising, and over delivering. They are always looking to exceed the expectations of their clients in all they do.

And that’s not all. Anthony Nuara is also working on creating a real estate hedge fund really soon. So, what’s another major ingredient to Anthony’s success? Believing totally in himself!  Anthony says he believes 101% in himself, and his growth mindset is contagious. His positivity is so contagious, that it rubs off on people around him. In life, you’re either progressing or not, and Anthony is always in the process of growing.

Anthony is well aware of the impact he has on the people, and is always looking to help elevate those around him as well. He is working towards being a billionaire someday, so he can get to those in need. He always gives his family and friends the attention they deserve, and is a man for the people.

Anthony Nuara is very welcoming, and says you can contact him on Instagram whenever @nuara.freedom

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