Antoine Sallis Brilliantly Leverages Credit for Exotic Car Rentals

Antoine Sallis

Socrates, the father of Western philosophy once said that the secret of change is to focus all our energy on fighting the old not building the new. And when this happens, people should strive to deliver more than what is expected. Antoine Sallis believes, that inevitably, such actions might inspire others to dream more, do more, become more and learn more- this is the beauty of modern-day entrepreneurship.

Antoine Sallis is the founder of Rapid Credit Boosters, a credit management organization that provides clients with financial advice. Known to many as ‘The Credit Genius’, Antoine Sallis has managed to gather wisdom and insights from his undertakings over the years to establish himself as a reputable entrepreneur. He recently ventured into the exotic car rental industry. Antoine Sallis is now the proud owner of Pacc 10 Exotics, a firm that helps individuals rent exotic cars.

He noticed a loophole in the car rental industry- most establishments were not providing many exotic car options for their clientele. Antoine Sallis has always known that the cars we drive says a lot about us. The rationale- why not rent out exotic cars that would make people feel luxurious and prestigious, without them having to buy that car.

Antoine Sallis is a mentor and author as well as a teacher. One of his favorite ideologies is showing individuals how to leverage their credit for residual income. He tells a story of how he uses examples of Airbnb, starting a business, and even renting cars to teach his clients ways to leverage their credit. “I felt that I needed to lead by example, and that’s one of the main reasons I started the exotic rental company.”

Indeed, the prices of the cars availed by Pacc 10 Exotics are high. Most car rental prices start from $400 to $1200 for a 24-hour period. Customers also get 100 free miles as a bonus, then get charged $2.25 per mile after. Antoine Sallis tries to show and implement his credit management experience every time he interacts with a new client. He joined the credit industry so he could change lives of those in dire need of financial insight.

Antoine Sallis is building the new through Pacc 10 Exotics ( He wants to be undeniably good at what he does so that he can change the dynamics of the car rental industry.

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