Are Chiropractors Worth Your Money?

What do they do, and can they help you?

In America alone, almost 65 million people are coping with back pain. 16 million of them, almost one-tenth of all adults in the country, deal with lasting or chronic back pain and are significantly limited in their day-to-day life. According to the Health Policy Institute at Georgetown University, the indirect health costs for treating issues related to back pain amount to more than $12 billion per year. And what’s true for one country, is usually true for many others. 

It’s clear that back pain is a large problem across the world (and perhaps in your family), but it’s only one of the many pains that people are coping with, related to their bodies. Often, the back pain or headache they are feeling might last for decades, because they don’t know how to treat it, and feel that going to the chiropractor is simply too expensive. 

When you consider whether or not to go to a chiropractor, it’s important to know what areas they deal with, and whether they will be able to help you. They don’t only work on your back, as many sections of our bodies can benefit from treating our spines and joints. Treatment may end some long-term pain you’ve been feeling, adjust the structural alignment of your body and joints, and better your physical functioning in general. 

Many chiropractor clinics offer free consultations to help you understand whether you need the help of a chiropractor, or whether your problem might need the assistance of some other type of professional. For example, Nor Klinikken avd. Sandnes in Norway has put up a section on their website where they ask “Interested in a consultation?” and list their contact information. When Norwegians are doing a Google search for kiropraktor Sandnes, they can quickly and easily find out whether a chiropractor can help them with their pains. 

What does the chiropractor do? 

A certified chiropractor will make good use of special tools or their own hands to treat the joint you’re feeling pain in or which is out of alignment. Specialists often use the term “manipulation” to describe the way that they crack up joints and massage the muscles to improve the health of the tissues and bones. 

Chiropractors deal with a lot of different ailments that are impacting the nervous and musculoskeletal system. Seeking their help might bring you relief in terms of lower backache, a throbbing head, a stiff and painful neck, muscle cramps, as well as other junction points in our bodies. 

In short, you can imagine the chiropractor as a kind of doctor who heals your muscles, bones, and joints. They are no substitute for other medical care you get, especially surgeries, but they will help with boosting the overall wellbeing of your body. 

As a final piece of advice, it’s important not to put off the visit. Whether it comes to your teeth or your guts or your joints, if you’ve been feeling discomfort for a while, schedule an appointment with a professional.


Written by Geir Kristiansen

My name is Geir Kristiansen. I have the last 20 years worked in Norways biggest newspapers writing content and creating interview pieces. Writing about pretty much anything that readers find interesting. Now I work freelance! Looking forward to joining Influencive and contributing with high quality content.

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