Are You Looking to Build an Online Brand? Meet Marketing Mogul Nathan Johnson

In the ever-evolving world of digital media and online sales, one of the best ways to ensure a strong and consistent stream of income is through a robust online presence. What was once relegated to the niche and tech-savvy, an engaging website and social media presence that converts visitors to customers is the new bread and butter of online success.

When it comes to developing and implementing an online brand and marketing strategy, where should you turn for learning the ropes? A digital communication and marketing degree? Online courses? Stuffy, in-person seminars that promise the moon and deliver far less?

No. The true teachers in today’s digital age are the online influencers who are enjoying wild success online through their personal – and often unexplainable – viral success.

Meet Mogul Nathan Johnson

One of the leading names in the world of social media marketing is Nathan Johnson @weekdayrehab. As an online social media personality and growth guru, Johnson has years of experience in creating, scaling, and turning revenue from online social media accounts.

Creating his first account at the young age of 12, Johnson was successful in taking his sports-centric Instagram account from just a few followers to over 1 million. Through high engagement and savvy business tactics, Johnson was able to draw the eye of other influencers and brands – allowing him to begin to monetize his online presence through his posts.

While a college student pursuing a double-major, Johnson was successful at turning his social media accounts into money-making machines. While still cramming for tests and enjoying the college life, Johnson’s online brand is bringing in nearly seven figures in revenue across his channels.

The Secret? Sell Yourself – Not Your Product

What is Johnson’s secret to online success? For years, companies and businesses relied on niche products and successful services to entice customers to buy their products. For influencers such as Johnson, the only products being sold are their personal brand and the chance to be part of a follower community that is highly-engaged and involved with one another.

This means that instead of consistently developing new products, influencers sell as digital celebrities. Their advertising dollars come in from other businesses as the digital currency of likes rises.

As Johnson began to take advantage of every advertising dollar he could, he made the wise decision to continually invest the money he made back into his own online brand. Building new content and increasing his online engagement with his audience, Johnson was able to continually meet his buyers where they were – online looking for a good time.  That success worked – Johnson soon found himself taking on influencers networking, shoutouts, brand placements, and other forms of lucrative advertising. Soon, Johnson was enjoying the benefits of a seven-figure salary from his online presence and brand!

Need to Grow Your Brand? Take the Influencer Mindset

According to Johnson, success for brands is dependent on their ability to meet their customers in the online spaces where they already hang out. Rather than wait for potential clients to come find your brand, companies must now put in the work to create engaging and informative content that audiences love to interact with and share with one another.

For brands or companies looking to increase their online presence and build their brand’s social media following, the best place to start is with the advice of an expert. Johnson hopes to bring his online success and expertise to clients in new ways through a brand-new online marketing business – teaching brands and businesses how they can take their online presence further and begin to enjoy influencer-style success.

Want to learn more about Nathan Johnson and his new online marketing ventures? Follow him online at @weekdayrehab and watch for his new digital marketing website to launch soon!

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