Aren’t Getting That Promotion? Here are 10 Reasons Why

How many co-workers are disengaged at your company?  Have you checked-out?  Many people are not involved in their work, not very enthusiastic about it, and are just committed enough to it so they don’t get fired.  If you are disengaged at work you will suffer from lower self-esteem, energy, and life satisfaction. Maybe you aren’t disengaged, but that doesn’t mean the boss wants to give you that promotion.  Besides checking out, I want to highlight 10 other negative traits that almost every company has to put up with.

If you want to move up, don’t be any of these:

1. Entitled


This is the person who expects handouts.  “I’ve worked here for a year, give me a raise” and “Why do we not get free lunches here like they have at Google?

2. Gossipy


This is the person who loves to talk about everyone else—whenever those people aren’t around.  “Hey did you hear what Mark said to Dave?” and “I heard Josh wants a new position”.

3. Complainer


This is the person who just can’t be pleased.  “These new desks suck” and “I can’t believe Paul got the promotion over me.”

4. Know-it-all


This is the person who thinks he has all the answers and won’t listen to others.  “Yeah, I know all about your system and it won’t work” and “Trust me, I know better than you when it comes to this.”

5. Independent without concern for the group


This is the person who can’t work in a team and has to have everything his or her own way.  “Can’t I just do this myself?” and “I’ll just take care of it, you guys don’t bother”.

6. Excuse Maker


This is the person who never takes responsibility.  “Sorry I’m late, traffic was bad this morning” and “I didn’t get to that report because I had to do this other thing you wanted”.

7. No Enthusiasm


This is the person who has no energy and brings a depressing atmosphere to the room.  “If you want to do it, whatever” and “great” as he rolls his eyes.

8. Unwillingness to Help Others


This is the person who won’t lift a finger if it won’t benefit him or herself.  “Sorry, I’m busy” and “Will I get paid for this?”

9. Liar


This is the person who you can’t trust.  “Yeah I’ll do it” and “You got it, I’m your man”.

10. No initiative


This is the person who won’t do anything without getting a push.  Every day he has to be told what to do.  It’s a grown-up child.

You know all these types of people. As for you, focus on promoting your value within your organization by avoiding all these traits. Money follows attention.  You must have a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude and do what others refuse to do.  Be positive. Think like the owner and bring ideas that meet the objective of the business. Last, but not least, hustle. Show that you are hungry. Most of all, bring in revenue.

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Be great—nothing else pays (much),



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