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You Aren’t Hip—You’re Unprofessional

It’s time to dress for success.

How can you get successful? It can start with your dress and posture—how you present yourself to others. You should dress as professionally as you can afford to dress. At least dress to the level that suggests you can buy the products that you sell.

If you sell a $100,000 product you need to dress like you can afford a $100,000 product. The more successful you look, the more successful you will be. People can get offended by a lot of things but they will never get offended by you wearing a suit.

White is great. A white shirt, a white blouse goes with everything. Stay away from trendy and cool. You aren’t looking to be hip, you’re looking to be professional.

You want to be seen and treated like a professional. Nobody is going to buy from you because of what you wear, but what you wear can turn people off. You want to be as conservative as possible.

Common mistakes salespeople make include:

1.Wearing sunglasses— Sunglasses hide your eyes but you want to have clear, bright eyes your customer can look at.

2.Smoking— Even if your customer smokes, don’t do it with them.

3.Eating in Front of the Customer— Save your snack for when you are by yourself.

4.Bad Grooming and Hygiene— Have good breath and cut your fingernails. Have polished shoes and clean cuffs. Nobody wants to see your beat up, stained cuffs.

Regardless of how you dress, your presentation depends on what you know. I can put you in a $5,000 suit and if you don’t know anything, you’ll just be a $5,000 idiot. Back up your professional look with knowledge.

Know your inventory and your process. Know every objection before you hear it and know how to handle it. Put everything together—great knowledge and sales skills, great attitude, and great dress, and you’ll be on your way to being a great salesperson.

Suit or no suit, the biggest sale you’ll ever make is the one you make to yourself. Are you sold on your product, your company, and yourself—100% sold? You must be unreasonable, fanatical, completely overboard sold on your product or service.

—What do you love about it?

—Why is it worth what you are selling it for?

—Why should people go into debt for it?

Think about why—why yourself, your company, and your product?

This gives you fuel. You have to continue to make this sale to yourself each day.

Go out and start dressing more professionally. You will become more confident because you will feel better about yourself.

Be Great,


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Written by Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is a New York Times best-selling author, international sales expert, #1 ranked marketing influencer in the world and host of The Cardone Zone show. He is responsible for many mega-million dollar businesses including Cardone Real Estate Holdings (a $500 million dollar real estate empire), motivational speaker, and author of several books including: Sell to Survive; The Closers Survival Guide; If You're Not First, You're Last; The 10X Rule; Sell or Be Sold and Be Obsessed or Be Average.


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  1. Poor grooming, dress, and appearance can indeed kill the sale. However, as you wisely point out, the $5,000 suit in and of itself does not ensure success or make the sale. I actually heard a third-rate motivational speaker say THE key to success is to have your shoes shined. That’s important. But if it’s all you have, you are an empty suit and you will not succeed.

  2. Sorry, Grant. Not everyone wants to turn their clock back 75 years. Understandably, you have an “old guy” skew on what you think professional is.

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