Ares S1 to be featured at on November 20th and 21st in Miami.

The long-anticipated Ares S1 supercar is already on USA soil for its debut in Miami. This special coach-built supercar based on the new mid-engine Corvette c8 has taken the supercar world into a frenzy.

With a starting price of approximately $500,000, this incredibly well-designed supercar is definitely a hit amongst supercar owners since maintenance cost will be affordable due to it retaining all the original mechanical GM parts from its donor car the Corvette C8.

Ares design will be unveiling their long-anticipated Ares S1 at and already Supercar Blondie has just bought one.

About Ares Design:

ARES Design based in Modena, Italy is an innovative luxury Coachbuilder located in the heart of Motor Valley which is recognized worldwide as the center for automotive design and engineering.

Blending artisanal Italian Craftsmanship expertise with cutting-edge production and engineering technologies producing truly One-Off and Limited Series cars and motorbikes. ARES Design offers the “ Concept to Creation “ experience so clients can take part in the process from the first sketch of their vision to the ultimate production of a unique automobile.

About Coach Building:

Since the early 1900s Coach builders have been creating and hand-building unique cars for affluent car collectors, connoisseurs, and directly with automotive manufacturers. Coachbuilders were setting the new trends in design and style that would influence the most desirable motorcars that are currently winning awards on the leading Concours d’Elegance. Italian Coachbuilders are known for their passion and maintained a reputation as their role of Masters of Style that created glamorous Rolling Sculptures and masterpieces of Automotive Art.

The Coachbuilders would select a rolling chassis from a reputable manufacturer, and in the past used wooden frames with hand-beaten Sheet Metal or Aluminum for the outer skin which took years to produce.

Today with current computer-aided CAD, 3D scanning, 3D printing, and lightweight Carbon Fiber, Coachbuilding is entering a new era and has unlimited possibilities. The time to bring a Design to production has been considerably reduced with the new technology that is available today in the Design Industry.

There is currently an increased demand for highly personalized vehicles and a renaissance of coachbuilding catering to a new breed of Car Connoisseurs. These Collectors are seeking absolute individuality when selecting a vehicle for their private collection, and it is all about owning a rare automobile that is difficult to obtain.

Certain enthusiasts have a desire to be part of the design process, and they appreciate the time it takes to create a hand-crafted vehicle that expresses their own tastes and style.

Driving a limited series vehicle is the ultimate statement of exclusivity, and working with designers and engineers to produce an automotive masterpiece is a very special experience.
Design is what distinguishes an automobile and drives your emotions.

Driving a Coachbuilt motorcar is a statement of individuality, it is the highest form of artistic expression and automotive craftsmanship. Just like selecting the Design of a Yacht, the Coach building process provides clients the platform to build a vehicle with their own personal taste and style in mind.

One-off cars are reserved for those special clients that want to be involved with the design process and own a vehicle that is truly personalized. These clients appreciate the thousands of hours that go into each project, and they value exclusivity. Driving an object of desire that no one has is the ultimate expression and is a form of “ One-Upmanship “.

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The first-ever Crypto Auto show in the world.

We aim to align automotive manufacturers and their consumers through

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Collaborating with the vibrant and diverse automotive scene here in South Florida we aim to bring Miami back into the forefront of the automotive scene.

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