Arham Surana: The Epitome of Persistence and Resilience

Arham started at the age of 16 and has acquired a far-fetching reach there since.

When it comes to digital marketing in today’s highly competitive markets, this field has immense scope and equivalently high levels of dedication. Talking about the emerging names from the rising pioneers of the future, we have Arham Surana. He is one of the youngest people to enter the realm of digital marketing and has made a name for himself. Arham started at the age of 16 and has acquired a far-fetching reach there since. Arham provides full-fledged growth services on social media, especially Instagram. There are many brands and influencers whom he has helped establish themselves with large audiences over various platforms on social media. His achievements are commendable because they require determination and devote hard work to make it up the ladder.

It takes a lot to rise to this level when the competition is this stiff. Arham is still very young as a businessman and has already rendered social media growth for several big corporations and public entities. The most interesting fact about him is that he started in social media marketing out of mere boredom. But to see how far he has already come. After starting as he moved forward with his chore he learned more about this field and started getting more involved. With taking priority time from his education and what generally teenagers do, he invested it in his future. It was not easy for Arham to build up this empire.

“Failure is just a stepping stone to success,” it’s not just said, but also believed by many professionals and successful entrepreneurs. Arham Surana is one of those young entrepreneurs who have ideas that take failures as the components of the epitome of accomplishments. 

Arham says, “The biggest of challenges in my life was facing people who didn’t believe in me. No one ever believed in me until the revenue numbers started showing up. When my friends used to party for whole nights, I used to keep working building up clients. Of course, I was new in the market and had a lot of experience to look forward to.”

Garry Logan

Written by Garry Logan

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