Aria Keoxer is a Popular Iranian YouTuber and Gamer

Aria Keoxer, also known as Aria Rahmati, recently discussed being a YouTuber in an interview.

How do you make money from this platform?

When you post a video on YouTube, the people who follow you and see your video will display ads in your video in proportion to the number of views you have, and you will earn more depending on the number of ads.

Do gaming itself make money?

In this regard, if you want to put Twitch and YouTube aside, you have to be a professional gamer and participate in competitions, or you have a good chance and receive a competition prize in tournaments.

Is YouTube a job for you or do you just look at it as a hobby?

When I started, it was definitely a hobby, but now it’s quite a serious business for me and I spend my whole life in it.

Aria added, “I think the YouTube platform is a very serious business.”

How many hours a day did you spend playing and producing content?

If I want to produce content, it may take 1 to 2 hours a day.

Do you think parents’ worries about children playing for hours are unfounded?

My opinion is that if everything is done right, there is no problem. When I was a student, I studied in addition to playing.

The concern of parents is a natural thing, but in the future, if the culture of this issue is settled and they realize that it is possible to earn money this way, they will definitely change their minds.

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