Ariel Carr: 4 Lessons Learned During the Pandemic

Ariel Carr is a digital selling expert and real estate agent from Virginia who uses her social media presence to promote financial literacy. She is also known as “The Money Realtor” and has launched numerous online courses and e-books aimed at assisting young entrepreneurs in monetizing their Instagram accounts.

It took her only 90 days on social media to generate over $100,000 in revenue. Now, with 2021 in full swing, she shares the top lessons the pandemic has taught the world that are equally relevant even today.

Go big or go home

I always tell my students that they can’t always stick to traditional routes. While traditional routes may work most of the time, sometimes (like after a pandemic), they need to look for alternative ways,” said Ariel Carr.

The pandemic eliminated the possibility of sticking to old habits that had worked before 2020. Adapting to changes in protocols became necessary, and everyone was pushed out of their comfort zones. As a result, small business owners all over the world became more adventurous and imaginative in their operations.

Do more businesses

If anything, this pandemic has surely shown people what a risky idea it is to have only one source of income. A simple 9-to-5 job is not going to cut it. I have been telling my students to diversify as much as possible, and it is more important now than ever,” said Ariel Carr.

In her Instagram Monetization Course, Carr teaches her students the proper way to employ strategies on the social media platform that can help them earn even up to six figures in revenue. Multiple revenue streams are the only way moving forward. “I have helped countless people to create additional avenues for making money,” said Carr.

Build together, earn together

A business might be a solo endeavor, but being the sole breadwinner in a family can also be a hindrance. “Many families suffered setbacks in 2020 because they were dependent on one person and one source of income. I want to teach people to build a shared workspace where multiple people can implement various methods for making money simultaneously. This prevents any hindrance,” said Ariel Carr.

Prepare for uncertainty

It seems the only thing certain about the future these days is that it is unpredictable, so it is vital to be well prepared.

Ariel Carr added, “While it can seem difficult to plan for the unexpected, there are some important concrete steps that you can take right now, like creating multiple revenue streams to better prepare yourself for emergencies in the future.”

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