Arjun Gupta: Brilliant Young Serial Entrepreneur in India has now Spread His Business to Dubai

Arjun Gupta is a recognized name in the digital marketing and business field of the country. He is one of the youngest people to have expanded his online marketing business to an international level. What has made Arjun stand apart from other people is his complete focus on delivering quality and authenticity to his clients.

Arjun Gupta remembers getting inclined towards the Internet at a very young age. He made a decision to gain first-hand experience in digital marketing. After freelancing for a number of people in the beginning, Arjun knew that he had developed the skill set required to set up his own business. Eventually, he established his firm known as AN Group International.

Today, Arjun Gupta’s AN Group International has earned the reputation of a reliable digital marketing and brand solution firm. Arjun and his team offer services like social media management, e-commerce development, online advertising, press release and publication, search engine optimization, website and application development, and other Information Technology based solutions. The last year saw Arjun’s firm achieving the million mark milestone in terms of revenue and turnover.

While serial entrepreneur Arjun Gupta has acquired a large base of national and international customers and clients, he has recently spread his business to the city of Dubai as well. With this, Arjun Gupta has become one of the youngest digital marketers and serial entrepreneurs to provide online marketing services to big-spending brands, businesses, and individuals overseas.

Arjun and his team have significantly increased the market reach and social media engagement of various individuals, celebrities, artists, brands, businessmen, and industrialists from around the world.

Through his impeccable entrepreneurial bent of mind and promising skills, Arjun Gupta has made a mark in the digital space of advertising and marketing. He continues to deliver excellence and add value to his clients and their goals.

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