Armadeep, the Young man From Bihar Breaking Boundaries

When the perks and granted benefits are highlighted then at the same time, the challenges are slyly kept hidden.

Amardeep was born in 1993 in a small town from Bihar. Always being outstanding in his academics he cleared his 10th from Sonipath and 12th from Dehradun, both with flying colors.

But this isn’t so uncommon, so wait for the twist.

When you picture such a person then the thought which is most likely to hit your brain is that of a 9 to 5 job kind of person. Well, hold your horses as this is so untrue.

After completing his B.Tech he started chasing his dreams, something which many people fear to do.

Starting your own business and being a boss of your own is a victim of too much romanticization these days. When the perks and granted benefits are highlighted then at the same time, the challenges are slyly kept hidden.

Amardeep has done the same thing, he started his own business and is currently working day and night to uplift his already successful business to new heights.

He has a franchise of Tata Motors as well as that of Valvoline. And all of this at such a young age. Also, he is serving as the ‘Managing Director’ of his own business.

In these hard times, his business was severely affected just like most of the other fields in the market but Amardeep didn’t lose hope and continued to strive smarter and harder for reviving his business. Well, his efforts didn’t go in vain and he quite easily overcame the hurdles which were kept in his path.

Right now, Amardeep is running his business quite comfortably and his sole focus is to grow it even bigger than it is right now.

Right since Amardeep was pursuing his B.Tech he always dreamt of running his business but that isn’t something that set him apart, but his dare to achieve it.

Starting an own business is not an easy decision to make as the risks involved in it are far too great for the perks it offers in the initial days.

But, Amardeep was not the one to back off from those challenges. He dared and he grabbed whatever he desired.

When asked about challenges, Amardeep said “They are just for pushing you ahead.”

Well, this was exactly the kind of response that is expected from winners. And when it is about champions then Amardeep hardly makes any exception.

Amardeep’s focussed and ambitious nature is all praiseworthy and we are quite certain that he would achieve everything on his bucket list with that attitude.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.