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Armand Peri Shows How a Good Work Ethic Can Truly Lead to Success

This is an example of success through hard work.

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Even if you are not familiar with his name, you most likely are aware of some of the feats that the multi-faceted Armand Peri has accomplished throughout his career up to this point. Finding careers in art, real estate, bodybuilding, and many other fields, Peri has built an impressive resume for himself, and he is not looking to slow down anytime soon.

Born in Portugal, Armand Peri was raised in the state of New Jersey. After developing a love for art, it became the focal point of his childhood, resulting in recognition from Former First Lady Nancy Reagan for his artistic talent in 1983. Entering college, Peri’s appreciation and desire for the arts took a new path: architecture. After attaining a Bachelor of Science degree from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Peri set his sights on a field related to his architectural interests and began to pursue a career in real estate.

Peri quickly found success in his real estate career after investing in New York, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. With Peri’s hard work, dedication, and determination for success, he began to gain success exponentially. His success in real estate allowed for Peri to embrace his entrepreneurial spirit, and he founded New Age Productions Inc., as well as Hunk-O-Mania Entertainment. With his new companies, Peri’s career in nightlife entertainment began and, yet again, took off with a bang after he created the “Hunk-O-Mania” show, one of the largest and most successful male revue shows for women in the world. The show began in New York but now takes place weekly across dozens of North American cities.

An even further testament to Peri’s determination for success is his championship bodybuilding career, which he has been working for all while building his real estate empire. Peri began competing in competitions in the New England area before working his way up the ranks of bodybuilders worldwide and winning competitions at national and international levels. According to, Peri is currently the third most important bodybuilding influencer in the world. 

With his competitive bodybuilding days behind him, Peri spends his time building his ever-growing real estate portfolio, interacting with his 2.2 million Instagram followers, and spending as much time as possible with his wife and four kids. Peri recently published his first book, Unparalleled Success: How to Become Highly Effective in Every Aspect of Your Life. On top of all these ventures, Armand has been building a career as an influencer, and his success can be seen in his aforementioned Instagram follower count of over 2 million.

A strong work ethic has been prevalent in every stage of Peri’s life, from his days an artist to his success working as an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry. Inspired by his family and loyal supporters, Peri does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon and is always looking for his next business venture. In the meantime, follow Peri on Instagram, @lifeperiway, and check out his website,

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