Armin Alavi, a Popular Iranian Figure, Talks About how he Works in the Field of Music and Modeling

Armin Alavi is one of the few Iranian artists who started his artistic activity at a very young age and was able to succeed well in his work and find many fans. Armin, due to his good style, height and face, in addition to music and singing, performs successful activities in the field of modeling, which is very successful.

This young and popular artist was born on October 24, 2000 and was born in the capital of Iran and currently lives in Iran. Of course, there are rumors that Armin intends to continue his activities outside of Iran and emigrate, but Armin has not yet reacted to this issue.

His full name is Seyed Armin Alavi Lavasani, who is known as and works under the stage name Armin Alavi.

Armin Alavi is not a definition of himself, but let me say that he has complete mastery over the science of music and all stages of making music. This includes composing and orchestral arrangement, except for complete mastery of vocal techniques and meaningful combination of styles.

In response to our reporter about the low number of visits to works on international platforms, Armin program manager said: Most Iranian artists, due to the restrictions on access of Iranian users and the filtering of most of these networks in Iran, and the next important issue of hard access, have caused Iranian users to download and listen to our works from music sites.

Another reason is that international and non-Iranian users are not familiar with Iranian music. Armin Alavi says he intends to produce works that are welcomed by the people of the world and have an international response.

Armin announced from his instagram story that they are working on several pieces in english with a composer named International, which he expects to have good feedback.

For more information about Armin Alavi you can follow him on instagram @arminalav

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