From Army Vet to Million Dollar Podcaster: John Lee Dumas Uncut

Have you ever had a conversation with someone that after speaking with them, you realize that they really have it figured out?

That’s how I felt recently after meeting John Lee Dumas. This guy is literally tearing up the podcast world. He’s generating over 1.5 million listeners per month and doing it on an extremely successful schedule. And he’s achieved this growth in only four years.

You often hear that late nights and early mornings is the life of every entrepreneur. With John Lee Dumas this isn’t the case. When I sat down with him he told me that he sets aside two days a week to absolutely crush it.

What that means is that he fills up those two days with all the interviews for his show. He works his tail off for those two days and makes sure he gets his interviews in. This allows him the rest of the week to focus on editing the episodes, having free time, and focus on other tasks and projects. While still releasing a new podcast episode every day.

Now if you’re not familiar with Dumas, you might be thinking how has he built a podcasting empire so big, so fast?

The Three Skills to Master

Dumas attributes his success to mastering three skills: productivity, discipline, and focus.

Each of these skills became a recipe for his success. But it hasn’t been an overnight success or easy road to land him where he is today. Dumas left the military in 2006 before dabbling in almost every industry you can imagine for 6 years. He was in real estate, finance, sales, you name it.

Then the lightbulb moment hit him in 2012 when he thought, “I should start a podcast that interviews successful entrepreneurs”. Then the Entrepreneur OnFire podcast (EOFire) was officially born.

Look ahead four years and his show grosses over 7 figures net revenue per year.

Something that Dumas is releasing in early 2017 is a guide to help people like you and me conquer the three skills he has mastered. This guide is titled The Self-Mastery Journal. It’s a follow-up to his Freedom Journal which to date has sold over 14,000 copies.

In the Self-Mastery Journal, he will teach you his productivity tips, how to stay disciplined, while also remaining focused on the task at hand. All very important skills for anyone, especially an entrepreneur.

I’m excited to see what game-changing techniques and tips he covers in the journal. There is always more to learn, especially coming from a guy that earns a seven-figure paycheque per year. (That’s the kind of knowledge we can all learn from)

When talking to Dumas, I got the impression that these three skills were important to his successes. The wonderful part is that now he’s sharing these tips with the world. So now we can all learn to be as productive and disciplined as Dumas is.

What to Believe In

If I could leave you with one thing that really hit me when speaking with Dumas, it was that you have to go after your dreams. Don’t settle for a life that doesn’t make you happy. Shoot for the stars and work your butt off. Life is too short to be miserable

Take a look at Dumas he was an army vet, turned employee in multiple industries for six years before finding his true passion in podcasting. He’s an example that we all can do it. You just need to act on your dreams and never settle for mediocrity. If you settle for mediocrity you won’t achieve greatness.

Now it’s Up to You

Now that you know the journey and story of John Lee Dumas, I want to leave you with a few actionable items that you can take with you into your life. These tips will hopefully force you to level up your life and really strive for the things you hope and dream for.

Get out of your comfort zone – by doing something you don’t know very well or aren’t used to forces you to think differently. Try learning a new skill, sport, or even traveling to a foreign country. These types of experiences will force you to be resourceful and expand on your skill set. Shining a light on new opportunities you could possibly explore.

Develop a routine – every person is different so make sure you find something you can do every day that works for you. Whether it’s reading a book for 30 minutes before bed each night or you work out for an hour 5 days a week. Find what works for you and continue to tinker with it. Stay committed to the process and over time you will see good things happen.


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