Arnez Reid aka Skooldagoon Expands His Brand into Film and Targets Hollywood.

Dreams can become a reality only through hard work and passion. To achieve authentic long-term success, you must devote a significant amount of time, execute disciplined work, have a faith-filled vision, and be willing to suffer through the pain.  

People can become prisoners of their dreams, and by the time they realize the reality, everything’s gone. It is a risky undertaking to bring the vision into reality, and often it requires a lone wolf attitude. In the absence of formal education and specific business plans, you will come up with fantasy roadmaps.

The lack of formal education and uncertain business plans leads to fantasy roadmaps. But having proper knowledge and led by a sound leader will definitely help you stand firm in any field of work.

The year 2017 wasn’t a great one for the musicians. Approximately 12% of the $43 billion generated by music went to musicians in 2017. It means 90% of art is business, and 10% is music, which was hard to digest by the musicians.  

A great deal of uncertainty, danger, betrayal and priceless challenges await emerging artists on their road to Hip-Hop greatness. For an emerging artist, trying to navigate throughout the music business requires Navy Seal type execution and precision. One mistake can devastate or cripple the future of an artist.  

Entrepreneur and major recording artist Arnez Reid aka SKOOLDAGOON, is amongst the most successful entrepreneurs and musicians in Hip-Hop. Despite being born with ‘three strikes,’ SKOOLDAGOON has survived and capitalized on every failure.

KITCHENTALKMUSIC, LLC, launched in 2020 by Arnez Reid, encompasses a record label, clothing line, TV & Film production, and non-profit organization. SKOOLDAGOON is a registered IMDB Film Producer and has several music projects slated for release in 2022.  

A Philadelphia-based company, KITCHENALKMUSIC, maintains satellite offices in Atlanta and Miami. Like most independent creators, SKOOLDAGOON releases limited edition films, TV shows, and documentaries exclusively via Amazon Video, Google Play, Plex, iTunes, and select streaming platforms.

The pain of incarceration is still very much fresh in SKOOLDAGOON’s mind as an African-American; he faced discrimination, cruelty, social injustice, racism, and personal trauma.  

Yet, despite his suffering and setbacks, SKOOLDAGOON never gave up his faith and emerged as a Black King in Hip-Hop music with exceptional managerial and production skills. SKOOLDAGOON understands the difference between marathons and sprints. SKOOLDAGOON identifies with a higher calling in life, and manifestation is the final destiny.


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