Around The World With Tinger Hseih

Tinger Hseih

When Tinger Hseih began sharing healthy recipes with friends and family on Facebook, she could not have imagined that it would quickly turn into a lucrative, thrilling business endeavor. But here we are, a handful of years later, and Hseih is an up-and-coming superstar in the world of food and travel blogging.

Hseih has a successful blog, Dash of Ting, a rapidly growing social media following, and opportunities with Fortune 500 companies. It all began with a desire to shed a few unwanted pounds, and now? Well, there is no telling what the future holds for Hseih, who is becoming a go-to moderator on the popular app, Clubhouse.

Food As Inspiration

For someone who has traveled to twenty-eight countries and five continents, it is only natural that Hseih would incorporate her love of world travel into her Dash of Ting food blog. The fusion makes a trip to her site a mini vacation in and of itself! “My goal is to connect people and cultures through food in a similar way that Anthony Bordain did,” she says.

You will find low-carb recipes, restaurant recommendations for your next exotic vacation, and inspiring foodie videos from her global travels on the blog site. The videos pair Hseih with Matador Network, Visit Norway, and Tastemade, to name a few. WARNING: While watching Hseih’s enthusiasm unfold on-screen, viewers may be tempted to board the next plane to someplace exotic and rich in culturally diverse cuisine!

Where Influencers and Branding Meet

Branding is something that many influencers need help with as their social media platforms experience unexpected growth. Hseih developed Dash of Media to help people explore a holistic marketing approach. The company is a fully integrated business solutions consultancy that provides digital marketing expertise, influencer marketing, content creation, and experiential activations.

With over eighteen years of advertising experience and content creation, Hseih utilizes her knowledge of the digital advertising industry and content creation to build strong relationships with media partners, vendors, and influencers. Dash of Media understands that beautiful content alone is not enough for a brand to go big.

Rather, the winning combination proves to be high-quality content coupled with a curated message of substance that resonates with audiences while remaining true to the brand itself.

A Clubhouse Celebrity

As Hseih becomes a staple in the food and travel blogging industry, opportunities are opening up every day across multiple outlets. For example, Hseih has become a well-known moderator on the popular app, Clubhouse, where she has a club called “Dish It.” There, she hosts content creators and celebrities who share their knowledge about negotiating brand deals, scaling on social media, and industry trends in pop culture.

Hseih has worked on Clubhouse with Justin (DCFoodPorn), Chef Chris Cho, and Hyunee Eats, to name a few. “I really think that Clubhouse is the new way to quickly network with more people in our industries on a global scale,” she says.

What Does She Recommend?

Hseih’s advice for those new to the business is to network with like-minded people and provide value to others. In addition to teaming up with others in the industry, Hseih suggests automating whenever possible and finding trustworthy, independent thinkers who learn quickly. On tough days, “I remind myself of how far I’ve come and why I do what I do, which is to promote cultural diversity through healthier dishes,” she says.

Since joining Clubhouse in November 2020, Hseih has amassed over 16.4k followers. On Instagram, Hseih has over 140k followers dropping by to learn how to enjoy gorgeous and delightful versions of their tried-and-true favorite meals.

To learn more about Tinger Hseih, follow her on Instagram or check out her website.  To learn how to obtain holistic marketing for your business, visit Dash of Media.


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