Art And Supercars Miami’s Newest Trending Sensation

In the art capital of the world a new trend has emerged art and supercars. Hosted by, an auto art gallery situated in the Art capital of the world Wynwood. This facility is renowned for interactive automotive experiences pushing boundaries between art, culinary and fashion.  Artwalk and Supercars event will be held on Sunday May 9th and will feature as special guest  Lance Stander The man behind all the cars for the blockbuster movie Ford vs Ferrari

The supercar celebrity chef Juan Escalona and his team will create a culinary experience with American and Italian infleunces to match the Ford vs Ferrari theme. This five course culinary experience will set you back $150 per head I’m only open to 36 lucky diners so seating is extremely limited. I’m experience of a lifetime

Make sure you book your seat as soon as possible before it’s too late. Link below

About Artwalk and Supercars

Artwalk and Supercars Dining Experience Art, Cars and Culinary experience Wynwood by Miami Supercar Rooms

Tickets- $150 – $720

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Date And Time – Sun, May 9, 2021 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM EDT

Location – Miami Supercar Rooms , 2022 NW 1st Court, Miami, FL 33127

Event description

An EXCLUSIVE dinner event curated for only 36 people. Art/Cars/Food in the most unique location in the heart of Wynwood. An exclusive chance to view and experience the Miami Supercar Rooms legendary dinner shows.

Surrounded by an eruption of vehicles with unique stories and cars not seen on regular roads. Miami Supercar Rooms presents ‘ART, Supercars and Dinner’ an evening combining the best of Art, curated Supercar Rooms experience with the sensory overload of a dinner menu* selected and executed in true Miami style!

*Dinner will be showcased in a central location for all diners to experience see and interact with the chef. Parties will be seated in groups of 2, 4 or 6. Dinner will start at 7.30pm

About Lance Stander

Lance Stander has been in the automotive industry for over 37 years. He opened Hillbank Motor Corp located in Costa Mesa California in 1999 after years in South Africa where he worked with his father.

Hillbank specializes in building the Superformance Cobra, Shelby Daytonas, and GT40 cars. In 2005 Lance purchased Superformance and he is the world wide distributor for all Superformance built cars. He is also the builder and distributor for Shelby’s Continuation Sixties Cobras. His is the only company licensed by Shelby to build the Cobra MKIII.

Lance is also known as the man behind the cause of the blockbuster movie Ford vs Ferrari. Every second Sunday of the month, supercar rooms Miami host Artwalk and Supercars. From 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. this event is free to the general public.

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