Art Salazar: The Great Athlete Turned Even Greater Coach

Injuries are arguably one of the worst possible things to ever happen to an athlete, especially those that prevent them from ever playing their beloved sport again. After having spent his entire life training to become a professional baseball player and finally been given a shot to play for a Mexican baseball league, Art Salazar was given horrible news. He was told that he had torn his labrum and it would require surgery if he wanted to continue to play.

At the age of 22, Art contemplated the decision and decided he could no longer continue through after being plagued with injuries most of his career. At one point Art felt negativity towards the game of baseball, but this game has a funny way of bringing itself back to people who are meant to be in it. His natural fighter spirit and faith that everything happens for a reason allowed him to see the light at the end of the tunnel and focus on things that made him feel alive. In Art’s case, coaching the new and upcoming baseball players and bringing out the best in them to make them into desirable and skillful athletes.

Formula For Success

Starting small at a local park, Art was able to begin to mold and create what he calls today as his “formula for success” with his pitchers. While the COVID-19 pandemic put the entire world on lockdown, Art Salazar saw this as an opportunity. He was able to dedicate the majority of his time towards one-on-one lessons with his clients. The hours spent with the local talent paid off. His clients suddenly started seeing significant improvements and gained the interest of college recruiters. They are not the only ones that gained colleges’ attention, however, Art himself was offered a position as a pitching coach for Chaffey College. There he can share his talent with those pursuing professional careers, passing the torch to the impressive college athletes

There is no denying the fact that Art was not only a skillful and talented baseball player but coaching is what he excels at. His clients see more improvement in just a few private sessions with Art than they do during an entire season of training. Art found the perfect formula for increasing Velocity while continuously working to prevent any injuries and in some cases even reduce the pain that his clients have felt previously. Reducing the chances of injury is especially important to Art as that is something that he had to suffer with himself. Safety and steady continuous improvement are something that Art takes great pride in.

The Proof Is In The Pitch

As with anything in life, words mean nothing without proof, and while we may continue to praise the talent and skill of this young yet talented coach, his client’s results speak for themselves. Most pitchers went from good to great and from great to some of the best in the area. Most notably one of Arts’ recent clients has had a 10 MPH jump in the last 5 months and he has now committed to go play baseball at UCR.  Aside from the physical improvements, they were also able to master their emotions using the advice given to them by someone who has been in their shoes before. Art is a skillful coach that can empathize and work with clients of all walks of life. If there is anyone that can help you master baseball, it is Art Salazar, the great athlete turned even better coach.

To work with Art, visit his website, The Art of Pitching Corp or Contact him on Instagram @theartofpitching_.

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