Artist Caia Koopman and Trust Me Vodka Team Up to Make Art Out of Alcohol

It’s not often that art and alcohol go together, but thanks to up-and-coming American-based vodka company Trust Me, their entire brand is dedicated to showcasing new and aspiring artists. With every 20,000-bottle collection of vodka they produce, Trust Me chooses to highlight a new artist by enlisting them to create the art as the backdrop of their beautiful glass bottles. The brand’s current collection features artist Caia Koopman, a California native whose pop surrealism art leaves audiences in a dream state of mind. 

Engrossed with the California skate and punk rock culture that surrounded her throughout her youth, Koopman’s art is a clear inspiration of her childhood and lifestyle. Known for creating angelic looking female characters and fusing them with an edgy, punk rock look, the artist’s work has been highlighted in various California galleries including Thinkspace, Spacejunk, and La Luz De Jesus Gallery. Most recently, her work was included in an exhibition at the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles California.  

Koopman’s art career was launched after she graduated with her Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Santa Cruz. At the height of the 1980’s California punk rock era, the burgeoning artist’s work soon manifested by way of creating designs for skateboard decks and snowboards.

With a knack for creating enchanting female figures, Koopman couples femininity with a subtle sense of strength and power across each of her characters. As no surprise, the artist was called upon by Oakley sunglasses as well as Rossignol to design artwork for various products including sunglasses, snowboards, skis and more. 

Presently, Koopman’s work is still available for purchase as part of the latest Trust Me limited-edition series of bottles. In what might begin as an indulging cocktail can later be enjoyed as an exclusive piece of art.

With a niche for combining her familiar California culture with characters that embody femininity and fantasy, Koopman’s art captures the true essence of pop surrealism. To learn more about Caia Koopman, follow her on Instagram.

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