Artist CH Pulgarin is Transcending the Lines of Reality and the Digital World Through His NFT Art

As interest in owning various digital assets grows, many artists and designers have turned to create NFTs as a form of digital expression, transcending the lines between reality and technology.

One such artist who has found success within this technological phenomenon is CH Pulgarin, the owner of the exciting new NFT project RICH KID$ CLUB, a digital art campaign comprising of 7,424 creative NFTs of characters referred to as “ANT’S.” The project represents fashion, collaboration, and work ethic values.

Although born in Los Angeles, CH Pulgarin grew up in Medellin, Colombia. Once he turned 16, he moved back to the United States, settling in Atlanta where he went on to make a name for himself within the pop art scene. Through his art, CH Pulgarin integrated urban fashion trends and multicultural references from his childhood in Colombia and teenage years spent in Atlanta. Currently, famous public figures who have bought his art include J. Balvin, Juanes, Maluma, and Karol G.

The soul of his art originates from CH Pulgarin’s “need to change many things, to want to change, and to look different.” On the tangible art side, he is revaluing old art he receives from antique dealers by painting over them to transform their beauty. It’s a tale of one man’s trash being another man’s treasure, as these art pieces symbolize added value to CH Pulgarin, citing them as what distinguishes him as an artist. 

With his move into technology, CH Pulgarin is keeping this artistic perspective alive of wanting to change things through his NFTs that go beyond the traditional canvas. RICH KID$ CLUB was an idea that came into fruition amongst a group of friends when NFTs were a hot topic, but those creating them were not from a traditional artistic background. The lack of artists within the space is yet another driving force behind why CH Pulgarin has become so passionate about translating his creativity through these digital assets. 

That being said, one of CH Pulgarin’s biggest inspirations for his art stems from wanting to be an inspirational figure for Colombian children. While he foresees RICH KID$ CLUB as a long-term project, CH Pulgarin wants to utilize it as a way to support the youth by encouraging them to pursue art. Through his social initiative named Lil’ Ants, CH Pulgarin is working on bringing necessary resources to children in the Colombian town of Copacabana, hoping to empower them through providing a safe space for children to host events and charity initiatives that will contribute to their livelihood. 

CH Pulgarin’s work in tangible and intangible art is grounded in three values. His first value is his mission to change how Colombia is often associated with its drug history. CH Pulgarin hopes to alter this narrative by highlighting the success stories of Colombian artists, athletes, musicians, and other public figures. The second value is rooted in culture to create a world of hope, innovation, and collaboration through empowering self-expression and self-love. The last value is to work like an ant, which is personified by the “ANT” character used in the NFTs coming out soon to represent that working hard can truly achieve dreams.

Be on the lookout for the fun NFTs that will drop at the end of May 2022. To stay updated on CH’s artwork to come, you can follow him on social media:

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