Artist Neecy J Gives 3 Tips On How To Win In Music

Now more than ever, it’s evident to see that being an artist in this cutthroat industry can be a challenging path to overcome.  There is no guarantee that you will attract fans or build a brand that fans look up to. The pressure of having to constantly produce music and maintain an image that sometimes is not what you expected can be difficult. There is also strict competition from others in the industry and critics that question the artists’ capabilities. 

All this can be daunting to any artist to hear. However, facing the realities of the music industry might be the one thing that allows you to maneuver into your new opportunities. 

Neecy J, a music artist from the DMV area in Washington D.C. that  knows what it takes to work your way into the music industry and make a name for yourself. 

She sees how many others want to start a career in the music industry themselves, so she offers three tips on how they can advance. 

Obstacles are Only Stepping Stones

As much as we would like to “prepare” for the future, challenges are invetiable.  And in a daunting industry like the music industry, there’s bound to be numerous ones that aspiring artists are soon to face. And Neecy J faces each one of them with her head held high. 

“I overcome obstacles by first being confident and deliberate in everything that I do. I try to block out all of the noise and stand strong on my craft and give it 100 percent, no matter the naysayers. I have a strong faith and always keep God first in my life,” she said. 

Have A Strong Mindset

Neecy J believes that how you react to obstacles is what is important. Learning to develop a strong mind will greatly help any artist. Sometimes the biggest problem we have as artists isn’t the business or technical problems, it’s the personal problems we have that manifest in an artist’s work.

“They should focus on having a strong mind. This industry is not for the weak and you have to be able to block out the noise and the naysayers,” she suggested. 

Finding The Right People

Neecy J added that aspiring artists should also focus on having a great foundation, meaning having a small circle with people who they can trust and who believe in their craft 100 percent.

Personally, she has worked with an amazing team that supports her by getting the job done, has her best interest in mind, and believes in her craft which makes her more capable to deal with challenges in her career. 

But finding the right people to be around isn’t as easy it seems, especially if the music industry is filled with critics and naysayers. 

“I’ve learned that you can’t take people at face value. That one has to prove their loyalty and show what they can do before you can trust people in this game,” she said. 

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