Oluwatosin Odugbemi

Artist Oluwatosin Odugbemi Breathes Color Into Brand Visions

Aspiring and established entrepreneurs know the gravity of impactful and timeless brand designs. Whether through colors or shapes, how it is visualized can make or break a venture. 

Aside from worrying whether the target audience will find it attractive, companies also have to weigh in the encapsulation of their core principles. For protagonists of ongoing success stories who have secured the services of Oluwatosin “Tosin” Odugbemi, brand presentation is a non-issue.

Born in South Africa and currently residing in Vancouver, Canada, Tosin is the emerging designer and entrepreneur behind the studio Atelier Oluwatosin. Widely regarded as an expert storyteller, Tosin is a student of the arts and an artist of unequaled caliber known for seamlessly translating brand visions into reality.

“I am a creative thinker, and I am committed to collaborating with clients on the visual presentation of their brand,” she shares. “I notice details, examine fit and function, and I’m sensitive to harmony or lack thereof.”

Tosin’s expertise and dedication to her craft are owed to a love for beautiful visuals fostered by teachers and family members through her formative years. The gift for design and the passion for pursuing it became Oluwatosin Odugbemi’s drive to succeed and, in high school, where she stood as the only person of color, her sole confidant. 

“Design became my salvation as I increasingly embodied my artistic tendencies,” she reveals. “My strict but loving nuclear family of doctors, lawyers, and other pragmatic personalities began to recognize my artful skill set and encouraged me to pursue design in a practical form.”

Emboldened by her family’s belief in her abilities, Tosin began to invest more time in her craft and pursued higher education to perfect it. After confirming her admission to the Harvard Graduate School of Design in Cambridge, the renowned artist opened her design studio.

Launched only a year ago, Atelier Oluwatosin has organically scaled, now holding an esteemed clientele of 25 industry-leading brands. What once was a small venture, catering to friends and their circles, and the online community, has now risen in prominence – earning trust from local and international brands. The design studio provides first-class graphic design, commercial interior design, storefront design, and art direction services as needed. 

Although Tosin now stands at the forefront of an industrial breakthrough, it does not mean that she has forgotten the trials that tested her determination and skill. Recalling her professional hurdles, she says, “for so much of my life, the world told me what success is, what it looks like, who possesses it, and who doesn’t. As a Black woman, I have been part of a group of people pushed to the margins – rarely given the pen to write ourselves and our definitions into the narrative.”

It soon came to the point where the designer realized that she had to remain vigilant and in constant awareness of her worth to avoid being swept away by racially discriminatory tides. “Creating Atelier Oluwatosin was a step of bravery. As I exist in spaces that were not built for me, my authenticity becomes a revolution.”

Through her design studio and her masterful work in penning not just her success story but her client companies, Oluwatosin Odugbemi breathes animated color into brand visions and the design industry.

Browse through Tosin’s work and services. Connect with the brilliant artist and learn more about her story on Instagram or Atelier Oluwatosin’s official website

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