Artist Peter Shoukry Creates the Modern-Day Mona Lisa During the COVID-19 Pnademic

A​s art changes through the centuries, new-age visionaries have found unique and exciting ways to combine inspiration and technology captivating audiences with interactive artwork in galleries worldwide. It’s about finding that balance between the talents of an artist and merging them with a technology-driven world. It’s a new frontier for artists to explore by pushing the boundaries of creativity, and no one understands this as well as new-age Renaissance Man, Peter Shoukry. His latest work “Spoken” is set to enthrall audiences worldwide.

In his newest work, “Spoken,” Shoukry has harnessed face recognition technology in his work to create a modern-day Mona Lisa that interacts with viewers. As audiences view the painting, built-in camera sensors follow the viewer’s gaze, and the picture can mimic facial expressions. “I was so inspired by a trip to the Louvre where I saw the Mona Lisa,” explains Shoukry. “Audiences have always felt that the Mona Lisa looks right back at them, and it has a quality that cannot be easily replicated. It was a genius for its time. What I wanted to do with ‘Spoken’ is recreate that feeling for a modern audience.”

“​Spoken” is a genuinely fascinating piece of artwork that can very much be considered the Mona Lisa of our generation. Shoukry’s dedication and talents are on display in a piece that captivates and entertains audiences. It’s neat to be able to step in front of a painting that looks back at you, and Shoukry has successfully achieved this through his creativity and brilliance. A beautiful picture on its own, the addition of face-recognition technology, makes it even more impressive. Groundbreaking, as usual, Shoukry doesn’t disappoint with his newest masterpiece.

An artist, model, and photographer, Shoukry emigrated to the United States when he was ten years old after his family won a visa lottery. He was destined to do incredible things. While Shoukry always loved art, it was just not a priority in his home. “Art was always something that I was very passionate about,” says Shoukry. “But my parents didn’t want to distract me, so it wasn’t something I was pushed to pursue.”

I​t wasn’t until his freshman year of high school when Shoukry’s talents would come to light and set him on the path to famous artist and photographer. After drawing a riveting and profound representation of scissors cutting each other out of anger, Shoukry’s teacher noticed he had an exceptional ability to see further than what was asked to be drawn. This teacher helped Shoukry develop his talents over the next four years, which landed his work in galleries worldwide.

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