Artist Phil Miller’s Journey Of Music and Newest Single “Beautiful”

For many artists, that first musical instrument they get when they are young is what kickstarts a lifelong passion.

For many artists, that first musical instrument they get when they are young is what kickstarts a lifelong passion. The same can be said for up-and-coming Country artist Phil Miller. When he was just three years old, his grandfather purchased him his first musical instrument, the harmonica. And as the creative got older, he only continued to embrace and further his passion and love for music.

Phil Miller was greatly influenced by and looked up to his older brother, Charles Miller, as he was heavily involved in music himself. Growing up, Charles played the drums, and Phil always wanted to accompany that by playing the guitar and singing. So, beginning when Phil was nine years old, he learned how to play the guitar, and eventually, that evolved into him singing and playing the guitar at the same time.

During his college years at Colorado State, Phil started writing higher quality songs and shared them with his brother, friends, and other family. His older brother went to school for music business and knew some songwriters that he shared Phil’s work with, and this would lead to Phil releasing his first songs for the world to hear.

In 2018, Phil Miller released his first EP, “Jamaican Sun,” consisting of only three songs. Since he has released three songs sporadically, being relatively quiet in that department. But this year, the artist is turning things up a notch. Phil plans to release at least six songs, two of them are out already, including his song “Beautiful,” which was released on May 28th.

“Beautiful” is a perfect showcase of what Phil Miller has to offer as an artist. The song puts forth Phil’s exceptional vocals and guitar-playing abilities. Being an independent artist, Phil does it all to put this masterpiece of a slow country jam together. Expect the same if not better-quality music going forward from this soon-to-be country star.

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