Artur Lebedenko is Changing Calorie Tracking with Cheat Life

The concept of a calorie dates back to the 1820s, but calorie tracking was not popular for weight loss until the 1920s when bodybuilders learned they could strategically manipulate their caloric intake to drop weight for a show.

Back then, tracking your calories was complicated and inconvenient. You had to weigh your food, and constantly recalculate your caloric needs based on whether you dropped weight the previous week or did not. Complex scientific formulas and expensive dieticians were essential for losing weight in the past.

Nowadays, we have it quite easy with the rise of technology and calorie tracking apps. Losing weight still takes extreme discipline but we can simply enter our favorite foods into an app which automatically calculates these numbers.

While convenient, fitness expert Artur Lebedenko discovered a fatal flaw in these apps — that they only perform a one-time rough estimate calculation on your caloric needs. From 12 years of fitness training experience, Artur knows that if your goal is to consistently lose weight, you must adjust your caloric needs every week.


Artur Lebedenko started his fitness journey from simple, ordinary beginnings with no previous sports experience. He even had severe health issues at the age of only 25 years old, and his doctors urged him to not lift weights or do dangerous forms of exercise in fear that he would injure himself. Fast forward 12 years, Artur now sits at 200lbs at 37 years old. He is devoted to helping others take their fitness and health into their own hands.

He’s helped 5,000+ clients lose weight and reach their fitness goals, proving himself to be one of the most knowledgeable fitness experts in Europe with over 200,000 Instagram followers who tune in to his nutrition, dietary, calorie counting, and recipe tips daily.

Furthermore, Artur regularly writes articles for different fitness and sports media outlets who desire his expertise. He even lectures at ISM university for students looking to get their Master’s Degree; and he’s spoken at seminars all across the world while currently running a wildly successful coaching business with five full-time trainers subordinate to him.


But when Coronavirus hit and the majority of gyms were closed, Artur decided to develop an app. Leveraging his expertise, Artur pivoted to developing a different kind of weight loss app which could help people burn fat and lose weight without the gym. However, this app is not only for tracking your calories, but it’s a personal coach who gives you the best advices based on your own results.

Our app is a diet coach which calculates your new caloric needs and estimates your macros for the upcoming week depending on your results during last week. So, if you didn’t achieve even better results, your coach will keep that in mind and will give you best calculations for the next week.

To learn more about Artur Lebedenko and the Cheat Life app, you can follow him on Instagram and check out the Cheat Lifeapp.

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