Arun Kumar Proves His Excellence In Entrepreneurship And Digital Marketing

There are so many individuals who try to become entrepreneurs as well as digital marketers, but what truly is entrepreneurship and what role does a marketing agent play in this economy as well as industry? All these rules are extremely important especially in the current world, since everything is becoming quite digitalised and there is an increase in demand in Internet services, including the promotional ones.

Excelling in such grounds, we present you Arun Kumar aka Arun Parihar, a gem in the digital marketing field. This is an individual who has not just put in his efforts into the work, but also a lot of creativity to come up with logical strategies that are unique in nature and extremely practical.

Although it takes a very long amount of time for every marketing expert to make a prominent place, Arun Kumar decided to not just rely on research knowledge, he made it a point to experience the kind of work with the help of a diverse range of clients. It is experience, According to him, that can make people reach great Heights.

After completing the Masters in history from Jammu University, Arun Kumar started to indulge in an industry that is not just promising, but also has a potential to become a wide aspect in the future. He made a smart choice by following his passions, otherwise he would not have been able to continue with the amount of workload from the clients. Since clients and customers expect top quality work, he had to personalise most of them in an efficient manner.

Currently, Arun Kumar provides for a lot of innovative ideas in India and also all over the world, functioning through companies and contributing to the economies of Middle Eastern places like UAE, Saudi Arab and even Canada. Truly impressive, the amount of advancements that he has made!

However, it was not this easy for him all the time and he had to struggle as a digital marketer too. Previously, Arun Kumar was simply a teacher, and the vast knowledge preserved in digital marketing made him curious. I was curiosity that led him to building a good relationship in the glamour world which was full of celebrity management personalities who would prove to be a good source of network for him that he could use later on in life.

Surely, Arun Kumar himself has a very distinguished personality and blends in well with all these eminent people. Brought up in Jammu city, Arun Kumar knows the true struggles of life since he himself has faced them all but that never made him lose hope, he only withheld his values with time.

One of his greatest achievements has been establishing a friendly relationship with the famous choreographer Rajesh Kumar Kalal, who is also known as Rex dance Dubai and Manish Tiwari. His goal is to expand more in the future, as in 2020 he planned to move to USA finally but it was the pandemic that obstructed him from doing so. With a lot of plan and priority list, he aims to move forward and become a true digital entrepreneur with a motive.

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