Arya Tyagi is Making the Right Turns With Ethical Hacking

Digital marketing has brought a lot of advantages for people, but we only look at the bright side of the picture, what about all the negative aspects that evolved after the development of our online world? Obviously, it is certain that the Internet has its own achievements and advantages, people can work online, study online, and they can even feel closer to there loved ones from great distances.

However, once in a while you have to worry about the passwords of your accounts, all the Social Security questions that must be taken care of. Why do we consider this from time and time again? Because, even though we rely on the Internet world too much, we do not completely trust it. In fact, nobody is safe from cyber security crimes because hackers are found almost everywhere.

Most of the time, they do not usually have a motive other than stealing your data, but data breach has been done by mostly big companies who don’t even let us realise it. We can prevent this by making the right choices, but what we cannot prevent is people trying to get into our personal information targeting our particular self.

As we know it, prevention is better than cure, this is the reason why we must come together to rely on a source that means to impart knowledge about how the hacking field works, and how one can protect themselves from being hacked. This will be possible only if a knowledgeable resource provides us with all the basics in a very simple language, that is readable and understandable by people in different levels. For this purpose, we have Arya Tyagi here today with us.

Arya Tyagi has all the right qualifications required to not just teach hacking to a few people, but to a wider scale. With Microsoft certification in ethical hacking, Arya Tyagi has grown a lot as a young ethical hacker. However, how did he come up to this, and what actually motivated him to at once as an author for writing down an entire book?

According to him, it all started in 11th standard, when he got deeply invested in the Internet world and the different techniques that people use to breach into accounts, private information, and a few other things. Arya Tyagi was surprised by how many people actually fall for malicious software, and harmful practises. This is the reason why he decided to write a whole book on it.

Most importantly, when the pandemic time started, he found a lot of free slots from his day which he could dedicate to learning more about ethical hacking, and slowly but steadily he gained a lot of research knowledge. This allowed him to learn as well as impart it, putting everything that he knows in a book named ‘Hack The Hackers Before They Hack You’.

The book consists of a lot of topics, which include- Basics of ethical hacking, getting to know about the Internet world, the measures and techniques using which people can stay alert as well as protect themselves in the online world, the different types of websites and accessories related to them, and the various kinds of professional online hacks that people might be subjected to. Almost all ethical hacking issues as well as topics are covered under these headers.

Make sure to grab a copy of this book, if you really want to protect yourself from all the malicious cyber hackers, this book is a complete must. After all, Arya Tyagi dedicated a lot of his time into it! It is not just useful, it is also pretty fun and interesting to read.

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