Aryan Arora – The Inspiring Journey of Basti Rapper, Lyricist and Author

Aryan Arora, also known as Aryansh Arora is a newbie rapper who lives in a small town in Basti, Uttar Pradesh. He’s an author, lyricist and also a rapper. Being from a small City, it has been quite hard for him to maintain the quality to compete with others here but he’s a great guy to handle the things.

The studio is 5-6km away from his city and he goes everyday and he faces the same struggle in the studio like everyone does. Aryan says, “for a rapper jamming and training your voice and breath control is very important and you require studio and professionals to train you but I manage it in my home.

I can’t sit and not practice because of the fact that studio is far away.” Aryan partners here are also teenagers at this age and it was quite a question that why you work with people who are still learning and his reply was, “it’s hard to experiment something new with professionals as they already predict the future but with newbies the excitement, confidence is always high because neither of us knows what gonna happen.”

He also got enormous support of his family so sometimes when Aryan thinks that his quality is getting better and he wishes to exceed in quality, he often went to Lucknow, 200 kilometres away from his city, just for recordings. His first 2 originals were from Traxeon Music House, Lucknow. Aryan has a very positive outlook for the lack of things he faces in his city, he says, “I can’t cry for what I don’t have but I can use the things which I can.”

His songs are highly appreciated by people and his last 4 tracks touched 5 digits in you tube views. Aryan’s songs are available on his you tube channel, ARYAN ARORA.

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