As Consistent as They Come, Chicago’s Boss Ko is Handcrafting his Career as an Artist

Boss Ko is an up-and-coming rap artist from Chicago.

Boss Ko is an up-and-coming rap artist from Chicago. Recently, he has been releasing music every month, and it’s proving to be incredibly beneficial for him. With the drive, as well as the tight schedule to get music out on time, Boss Ko has not missed a single release date, and each release has been met with tons of love from his fans.

Last month, fans received a single from Boss Ko and his partnering rap label titled Bitcoin Records. The single, “Break The Brokers,” was met with tons of love from his fans as well as met with a rush of new fans as they all took to the comments of his Instagram to show their love and appreciation for the work he’s been putting in.

So far, we have seen Boss Ko’s entire music fan base grow at an incredible rate. He’s proving, in real-time, that consistency will bring reward. That, along with his prolific sound and unique approach to each track, keeps fans intrigued as they never know which way he’s going to destroy a beat.

As he moves through this year as a highly releasing artist, Boss Ko focuses on growing his name, craft, and music as a whole as he is now being counted on to bring the heat each month. So far, he has yet to let anyone down and has done nothing but impress and shine all year. With the summer coming up, the releases will get bigger and better, so be sure to keep up with and follow Boss Ko as he takes over the entire summer with what is sure to be timeless records and releases.

With the weather heating up, so is Boss Ko. Each track is set to be memorable, as always, and will continue to bring fans back and back again as Boss Ko keeps leveling up and growing through all of the hard work he is doing.

You can keep up with Boss Ko and watch as his story continues to unfold on his Instagram here, check out his releases on Spotify here, as well as listen to his Apple Music page here.

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