Ascend Agency Helps Brands Skyrocket Their Growth in 2021

It has become exceedingly easy to make money online. There was a significant shift in consumer spending habits away from brick and mortar retail outlets to online storefronts. The COVID-19 pandemic was the main driver of this shift, although there has been a transition by consumers to predominantly shopping online for years.

Now, the shift has led to unstoppable momentum that has led to countless brands finding extraordinary success online. However, this increased activity and interest in shopping online has led to market saturation in practically every niche. That’s where a PR agency can come in and help give a brand the edge it needs.

Ascend Agency is a boutique PR agency that has been helping brands like businesses or individuals —celebrities and influencers— grow online and get more leads and sales. Creating a larger online presence is key in standing out and grabbing up more market share.

Ever since it was founded in 2019, Ascend Agency has been helping brands expand their online presence, authority, and client base. Press releases are the winning strategy this agency uses to improve a brand’s online presence. It gets inspiring, engaging, and informative press releases published in major news publications, which provides added clout for brands online. It can increase their SEO, demonstrate they are a significant and important business, and even help them get the coveted blue tick on the big social media platforms that denotes that they are verified.

There is an experienced team of professionals behind Ascend Agency that is passionate about helping skyrocket the success and growth of every brand that the agency works with. Not only has it developed a track record of helping brands grow, but it has done so in an expedited manner. There have been hundreds of brands that have already benefited from hiring Ascend Agency for their PR needs.

Exposure in major news publications like Forbes, HuffPost, Entrepreneur, Yahoo!, and others helps increase the profile of every brand that decides to hire this agency for their PR needs. The process is virtually hands-off for brands. All they need to do is provide some information about their brand and Ascend Agency takes care of everything else.

The exposure that brands receive after Ascend Agency works their magic leads to massive increases in brand awareness, presence, and authority. What takes a few days or weeks would have taken those brands years to reach and obtain.

Hiring a professional and experienced PR agency like Ascend Agency can help improve or develop any brand’s online presence during a time when it has become essential to have a solid one. There are many PR agencies out there, but few with the experience, knowledge, and dedication that this agency has. The results speak for themselves. If you are an individual or business that needs help gaining prominence and increasing the growth of your brand, Ascend Agency is who you want on your side.

To contact Ascend Agency you can either go to their website or over to their Instagram page @Ascend.

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