Ashish Sukralia is just 21 years old, but his innovation has impressed his target audience. Hailing from a small town in UP, India. He has come a long way emerging as an icon for many. Since his childhood, he has had an interest in hacking. However, he did not understand the technicalities in his teenage years. Soon when he explored the idea, he emerged as a skilled techie who could address anything about this field. Besides, he also enhanced his profile by learning and honing skills like digital marketing, SEO, website designing, and app development. This helped him to become a versatile person in the market.

Early life

He might be an average student but his dreams were exceptional. He always knew he would do something extraordinary in his life. Although after 12th, he headed to Kota, a hub for IIT aspirants, but soon he realized this is not his cup of tea. He came to know that pursuing education at the Indian Institute of Technology was not his goal. He wanted something different in his life rather than doing something unlike many students found in Kota. This brought back his passion in his life – ethical hacking. 

From IIT to His Passion  

Once he realized that IIT is not his cup of tea,  he decided to pursue his passion – ethical hacking. But how and where to start remained a big question. Luckily his friend gave him the idea of creating a page on social media. This led Ashish to embark with his page on Instagram about ethical hacking. Soon things started taking the right shape as he was posed with so many questions about the subject. This made him explore more on ethical hacking. Soon he was able to garner 70K plus followers on his Instagram page and also get earning from his Instagram page. 

As things moved smoothly, he also took time to hone other skill sets like learning web designing and app development, graphic designing and digital marketing to name a few. In the meantime, he lost his Instagram page, which made him lose his earning. However, he sustained other skills like developing apps and websites for his clients and so on.  While his other successful venture was, which is an effective link manager solution for entrepreneurs and influencers. He faced a roller coaster ride in his life for a while but soon managed to gain good returns from ventures Linkrr. 

Besides linkrr, he also had several other tools, which he developed and shared with his target audience. He along with his friend Yuvraj embarked with an online education Startup called EduYear. It has now gained good popularity on the web landscape giving the duo good returns.  All these years, he has been working with different startup groups and companies helping them to grow and earn big with their social media handles and pages. He guided many of the startups and veterans who were not able to earn much with their Instagram pages despite having millions of followers in a big way.  He helped them in recreating their business model.

Currently, he is working with 500M plus Instagram followers of his clients and other groups. He is moving swiftly at the moment but this is not the end for the 21-year-old young technology entrepreneur, as he has more such milestones to achieve. This is just the beginning for him! 

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