Aspiring Artist Emma Claye’s Background and Her Release “I Love You”

With the latest release of her single, I Love You, Emma Claye is an incredibly talented singer-songwriter from Maryland. Her single follows the path of unrequited love and how harsh it is to love someone who does not share those same feelings. This driven folk tune feels very relatable, comforting, and it ultimately feels like home.

Though the contents of the song aren’t particularly sweet, Emma Claye’s execution on the vocal melodies as well the production makes this song a release to remember. Her warm and soulful vocals makes this release timeless as it’s been getting tons of love lately across all streaming platforms.

Stepping away from the music, Emma Claye’s day usually includes a good morning stretch, work out, and work shift. As she works her fulltime job, she is also constantly looking for the next gig to perform at. As she continues to grow as an artist, she has goals of leaving her job and becoming a fulltime music artist and continuing to work on the dream she has had in music ever since she was a little girl in Maryland.

Along with her releases, if you take a look at her production credits, you’ll see her name there as well. As an independent, self producing artist, Emma Claye creates an ever growing beautiful sound that all stems from the work of her own hands and her own mind. With such great vocal talent on top of her own production skills, Emma Claye works constantly to grow her skillset in all areas of her music. With such a drive like this, Emma Claye is surely a name to look out for.

From Maryland to New York City, Emma Claye is on the move to becoming a huge independent artist. With a background, outside of music, in biology and public health, Emma Claye is known to work hard for what she cares about as well as work hard for herself.

For her, nothing has been given and she shares a lot of her life through the music she creates. Emma Claye is certainly on a unique life path and it’s leading to all of her hard work paying off. With lots to share and even more songs to give, Emma Claye is set to continue to grow as she works harder and harder everyday to grow her name so that she can make that little girl from Maryland proud.

You can keep up with Emma Claye on her Instagram page here, stream her latest single, I Love You, here, as well as visit Emma Claye’s personal website here.

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