ASTR Institutes’ Modern Pain Management Solution

I have been suffering from chronic pain for most of my life, it has continuously drained my wallet and taken up hours of my time. When I found out about Doctor Joseph Jacobs at ​​ASTR Institute I was both relieved and shocked that there was an at-home solution to my pain management. 

Dr.Jacobs is a cancer survivor and suffered from chronic migraines, headaches, fatigue and pain before he invented the ASTR speciality. Dr.Jacobs holds a doctorate of physical therapy degree from Dominican College in New York and has used that to revolutionised his work.

Dr.Jacobs has created a new category of healthcare service, allowing a patient to treat their pain at home, utilizing both medical tools and online step-by-step programs. The programs cover how to use the medical tools, exercise, nutrition, ergonomics, behaviour modification, posture training and stress management, everything a patient will need to treat their pain at home and save on medical costs.

Typically, patients need to see several healthcare providers, such as a nutritionist, physical therapist, ergonomic specialists and a massage therapist several times a week. The ASTR self-treatment help alleviate this stress without the extra cost. The goal is to empower each patient to treat their pain at home while saving their time and money.

The biopsychosocial model provides long-term pain relief based on over 45 studies when compared to the single treatment model. However, a patient needs to go to at least 5 different healthcare providers to receive effective treatment. The ASTR Biopschosocial self-treatment programs cover most of the model aspects, without the additional cost. 

ASTR go above and beyond to provide their services, offering unique patented medical tools to break scar tissue, release fascia restrictions and decrease inflammation. They are also the first company to offer at-home Biopsychosocial self-treatment options.

ASTR Institute has over 18,000 studies reviewed by their team, over 600 of which have been integrated into the ASTR treatment, 400+ videos of their success and 45+ studies supporting ASTR’s model. ASTR treat the root cause of problems often caused by scar tissue, fascia restriction, trigger points, inflammation and muscle spasms with lab tests, ergonomic assistance, behaviour modification, exercises and nutrition. ASTR also helps treat jaw, neck, back, hand, knee, foot, muscle and shoulder pain, along with headaches and fatigue. 

If you are a pain sufferer, I highly recommend checking out the ASTR Institute on Facebook, LinkedIn or send Joseph an email at 

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