At 25, Social Media Coach Ellen Mackenzie is Helping Hundreds of Women Build Freedom-Driven Businesses

Today, millennial and Gen Z women are craving freedom from the typical ‘9 to 5’ corporate grind. They are seeing examples of other women just like them, leaving their jobs by building online businesses. And not only are these examples of young, female entrepreneurs expanding their perspective of what is possible — those same entrepreneurs are the ones making it possible for them.

Social media and business coach Ellen Mackenzie is one of those examples. At just 25, Ellen helps hundreds of young women build the business and life of their dreams.

Ellen proves that you don’t need to come from a background of privilege to build a successful business. “I didn’t have a trust fund or attend a school with future billionaires,” she explains. “In fact, I went to the kind of public school that had rats living in the ceilings and never enough books to go around all the students.”

Ellen comes from a middle-class family with a mother who was a teacher. “If you looked at my background, I was never really set up to achieve anything special. Yet today I run a six-figure social media coaching business.” Ellen assures her followers and clients that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what your background is when it comes to success. Coaching is an industry that can change anyone’s life.

“There are so many different jobs and industries to explore these days — why settle for something you don’t love?,” she asks. “When my mother was a teenager about to leave high school, she had three career opportunities in front of her: teaching, nursing or becoming a receptionist. Now, the sky is the limit for young women,” Ellen explains.

“We have so many opportunities and it’s time to stop wasting them. If you feel like you want to quit your job, make a plan and find a new role that you can love. Life is too short. Just think of all the generations of women before us who didn’t have these opportunities.”

This is what drives Ellen to not only take action to build the life of her dreams, but to help and inspire other women to do the same. “One of the biggest motivations I have in life is the desire to chase freedom and that’s what drives me,” she says. “While a usual 9 to 5 life works for many people, I was looking for more and I got it with social media coaching. I have been able to help people, and that’s the biggest happiness.”

Today she is a 6-figure Social Media & Business Coach and Instagram Monetization Expert. She has helped countless female entrepreneurs monetize their Instagrams and turn their side hustles into full-time incomes.

You can follow Ellen on Instagram and YouTube, and learn how to turn your social media side hustle into a freedom-driven online business through her digital marketing agency, Dishing Up Digital and Dishing Up Digital Podcast.

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