Athletes Fitted With The Noson Nasal Dilator Experience Improved Effective Performance As a Result.

Pol Espargaro, a Spanish MotoGP athlete known from the Moto2 World Championship, used a Noson AG nasal dilator and experienced efficient nasal breathing, oxygenation and performance during races.

Not only in MotoGP, but also cyclists who performed efficiently in moments of cut-throat competition were observed using the Noson Nasal Dilator for improved air intake.

The Swiss start-up, which addresses breathing complications and the obstacle athletes face during intense physical activities, has developed an internal nasal dilator and invested years in research. The nasal dilator was explained as a device that works by improving nasal oxygen flow and supports controlled and sustained breathing.

It enlarges the nostrils, which leads to an increase in the volume of air, thus promoting better breathing.

The need for a nasal dilator:

Noson has spent years of research developing the product that is prepared for all eventualities of improved nasal breathing and its associated problems. Biologically, oxygen flow is critical to an athlete’s endurance.

Such an important metric is greatly affected by the use of a nasal dilator. Because athletes are highly involved in physical actions, they require a high amount of oxygen to keep up with the tasks they are asked to perform. Athletes with compromised nasal passages tend to mouth breathe. But a nasal dilator provides unparalleled relief.

While external nasal dilators, like a nasal strip, have the risk of coming loose due to physical factors and create the risk of a crisis halfway through, Noson’s internal dilator is designed to fit perfectly from the inside, widening and opening nasal passages to take in greater amounts of oxygen to help female and male athletes.

Effect on performance:

ATP is the compound that is broken down to provide energy to the human body, and as an athlete performs the physical tasks extensively, the metabolic rate becomes proportional and the demand for expendable energy skyrockets. Muscles require increased amounts of ATP, which is dependent on oxygen.

By substantially increasing the amount of oxygen in the athlete’s blood, oxygen saturation, or SO2, is dramatically increased. It can be demonstrably said that nasal dilators have a performance enhancing function.


The Noson Nasal Dilator has its dominance due to the multitude of critical factors that put it in the spotlight, including its ergonomic design. Thanks to its perfect fit for every wearer, it has established itself as the most popular nasal dilator in professional sports. As it allows for improved breathing, it subsequently improves concentration and focus.

Few other parameters that make it a unique point of view are optimised airflow, boosting the immune system and improving sleep patterns by improving airflow through the night.

Various studies and tests from sports medicinesdealing with professional athletes confirm the effectiveness of both internal and external nasal dilators.

Individuals using nasal dilators have experienced increased performance and decreased nasal resistance as a result.

The Noson nasal dilator has become widely used in sports and has proven to be tremendously effective in providing multiple benefits to athletes.

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