Atlanta Based Record Label ‘GclassTV’ led by High Impact CEO Justin Ball

Record Label in Atlanta on the Rise

Independent & Successful record label ‘GclassTV’ is on the hunt for highly talented X-factor artists with the ultimate high-leverage opportunity. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia and led by Justin Ball, GclassTV has represented a diverse roster of talent from the time they are running the media house and transitioning it to a record label. The label has helped underground artists, what criteria they look for in artists and advice for emerging artists who are trying to break into the music business.

GclassTV started off as a media house where they helped major artists/celebrities from behind the scenes of tv shows and music videos. They also helped them launch in major premiers of television shows and grand finales. They slowly transitioned to a premium record label company 3 years ago. At present, they provide services that include artist development, project management, recording, engineering, photo and video shoots, music videos., Epks,(electronic press kit, streaming services, distribution and a lot more.

Justin Ball & His Entrepreneurial Journey

Justin Ball is known to have worked with some of the major artists, reality stars, athletes, and has also managed a Billboard chart-topping artist. With a minor business degree, he had successfully started off as a full-service label, from mixing & mastering to shooting videos.

Today, he owns 2 studios in Atlanta and has also recently dropped videos on WorldStarHipHop which has garnered almost half a million views in 3-4 days. ‘GclassTV’ is a sophisticated appeal with a distinct organization and skill factor. The business model stands bold and strong with loyalty and always believes in bringing quality material, just like the CEO’s personality.

Growing Despite The Pandemic

COVID -19 hasn’t affected much of GclassTV’s business, instead they have experienced a surge in the demand for more artists and finding more viral content to bring more awareness to music.

They have had an online business of  55 to 60 per cent since the beginning, and this has been their positive standing point in the market ever since. They are growing rapidly with a loyal online fanbase and have always been open to change and shifting with the times.

J Ball says,

My idea came to reality by being able to get myself backstage at different major events the city puts on based around the music culture. I have faced a lot of different struggles from not making any money to losing and theft of equipment, experiencing homelessness, and watching things fall apart and having to build again from scratch, betrayal between associates, and so on. I truly believe that a man is defined by his failures and not his success. A successful man is empty without his mistakes and failures.

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