Audien Hearing Sets New Standards for the Hearing Aid Industry

Hearing loss affects approximately ⅓ of all senior citizens in the United States. This problem is only growing; more and more people are experiencing hearing loss. While there is little we can do to turn back the hands of time, we can use hearing aids to help with the symptoms of hearing loss.

However, a whopping 86% of people with hearing loss don’t have hearing aids because they can’t afford them. With big hearing companies keeping prices at over $4,600/pair on average, it’s obvious why most people with hearing loss aren’t treating it.

Targeting senior citizens, the hearing aid industry has essentially monopolized the issue of hearing loss, leaving people with no other option than to spend $5,000 or more on hearing aids. After learning that such a huge portion of people with hearing loss simply cannot afford a solution, Audien Hearing sought to make a difference.

To make affordable hearing aids accessible for seniors and others, Audien cuts out expensive middlemen like hearing centers and audiologists, and instead sells direct to the consumer via their website. This eliminates customization based on a hearing test, so their products are one size fits all, but it also takes the cost from $4,600/pair down to only $89/pair for their EV1 hearing aid. 

Cost/convenience is just one way that Audien Hearing separates itself from the more traditional hearing aid model. With their EV1 and EV3 models, Audien Hearing has listened to their customers, designing something extremely small and discreet, that fits in the ear and is rechargeable.

Their goal is not only to offer the lowest cost on the market, but to develop the best possible product at the price. They continually refine and update their existing products, and release new models every year. Their goal: make hearing aids as easy and affordable as buying something on Amazon, while being as high tech and innovative as Apple. 

While they are focused on product innovation, Audien’s core mission remains: To make hearing affordable for everyone. Providing affordable alternatives to expensive hearing aids, Audien has essentially opened up a new market, solving a problem that millions of people just in the USA face.

At a certain point, people accepted that getting a hearing aid was supposed to cost an arm and a leg. Many went into debt for the sake of their hearing. This is the guiding force behind Audien Hearing. To date, they have helped more than 200,000 people to improve their hearing (without breaking the bank). Backed by thousands of positive reviews, Audien Hearing is changing the way people approach the issue of hearing loss.

While the industry has proven to be difficult to navigate, Audien has done the necessary groundwork to ensure the success of their business. After years in the industry, Audien was able to pinpoint the things consumers really care about: size, comfort, ease of use, and sound quality. They continue to obsess over how they can make the best possible products for their customers. 

Despite Audien’s huge success, and ability to sell for a higher price if they wanted, they refuse to sacrifice on keeping the cost as low as possible. They adamantly believe that they can not only have the best price on the market, but the best product, through rigorous testing, feedback and improvement.

Audien has revolutionized the age-old field of hearing aids. With their new approach, Audien has made the changes to the industry that were so desperately needed. They continue to grow and help more people to be able to hear again.

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