Audrey Martinez Is Quickly Becoming A Top Real Estate Agent In Her Sector

Operating out of Worcester, Massachusetts, LAER Realty agent Audrey Martinez is taking the real estate industry by storm. While based out of a Massachusetts city of 185,000, Martinez’s real estate coverage expands all across the state, and she is working to extend her reach down throughout the New England region and even down to Florida in the coming years. With Martinez’s naturally empathetic personality, Martinez can appeal to clients of all walks of life.

Compared to other agents operating at the level of success she is, Martinez got a much later start in the real estate business. Before becoming an agent with LAER, Martinez ran both a boarding house, farming, and  raising her family of five children. When she finally moved into real estate, Martinez knew she would need to prove herself quickly, given she was steps behind her competitors.

“I like to represent myself as a holistic realtor, intimately in tune with my client’s needs and concerns,” Martinez expresses. Operating in both the residential and commercial fields of real estate, Martinez is committed to addressing and dealing with all possibilities that may arise throughout each step of the selling or purchasing processes.

Whether it is guiding first-time buyers through the process of buying their first home or helping an established company gain investment for their next business move, Martinez is focused on providing the utmost care through every step.

One of the most rewarding parts of Martinez’s career has been the ability to improve her community. Through her direct work and helping others reach a position of their own from which they can make a difference, she is focused on serving the good of the community.

“It’s exciting when someone has a vision to improve their community,” Martinez shares, “and I can be a part of that by helping them find distressed properties for sale and assist in navigating building committees.” In her position, Martinez can connect clients with the right location and outlet to do the most good in their neighborhood and city. “As a result, I get to watch the refurbishing of a block, one building at a time.”

Moving forward, Martinez is eyeing expansion in her real estate coverage. Hoping to stretch her reach to other New England states, Martinez is even hopeful that she will be working as far south as Florida in coming years.

No matter which neighborhood, city, or state she may be working in, Audrey Martinez will be pushing the envelope to satisfy customer needs for both buyers and sellers. “My clients know early on they can trust me because from the very first meeting, I follow through with what I say I will do.”

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