Augment Your Momentum by Funneling the Tech Trends Effectively With Eric J Dalius

Companies need to implement strategies that permit them to stand out in the vast competitive landscape. To connect with the target customers, marketers need to undertake a rigorous evaluation of techniques and incorporate new and eliminate the unnecessary tools in the current campaigns.

Multi-Touch Attribution

In a digitally dominated world, marketing professionals constantly bombard consumers with their brands and deals on several channels. It is mandatory to search for the optimal channel and medium to drive you the highest leads and sales. Understanding which touchpoints yield what quality is crucial. In light of this, you can use analytics software technologies to understand the current conversions.

Eric J Dalius recommends utilizing the multi-touch attribution models to identify the times the customers visited or viewed your product. For instance, the first-touch attribute or the last-touch attribute can quickly render you the information regarding the last or first thing the customer researched about, giving you the idea of what a particular customer needs. Mostly, the last-touch attribute is an impactful one as it leads to the closed deal.

However, there are many assumptions to play up within this strategy, as it disregards the efforts of a cross-device approach. Eric Dalius suggests the multi-touch attribution models as it considers every touchpoint during the buyer’s journey. The examination of all touchpoints will let you make a better decision than evaluating only the first or last attribute. It will enable you to make data-driven decisions about the capital to invest in advertising at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Video Ads

EJ Dalius suggests opting for video display ads, shopping ads, in-stream videos, and enhanced brand content videos to promote story-driven and engaging content. Marketers can create unobtrusive videos and promote brand awareness, increase product recall, and build trust in the customers’ minds. A few areas and ideas for video creation lie in answering frequently asked questions, product tutorials, customer testimonials, and so on. As a result, such tools provide plentiful opportunities to enhance user experience and overcome any obstacles.

Focusing on Key Consumer Interests in the Digital World

  • A marketer needs to gain the trust of a customer to attain success. If your business deals mostly online, it is crucial to building trust with viewers and customers. Many brands rely on consumer data to personalize and prioritize the comfort zone of the customer. A marketer needs to clarify the data collection methods to not meddle with any privacy or transparency issues in the long run.
  • Another aspect of consumer interests is reducing friction. You can do this by adding past testimonials, sizing charts, pictures of the products, tutorials, and frequently asked questions to clarify the doubts that customers might have. Adding such content provides the viewer with a 360-degree view of the purchase and increases credibility.

A marketer needs to seek vigilance and incorporate innovation to grow profitably continually. Keeping up-to-date with the trends and applying the right ones to your business will help to remain competitive and obtain a higher market share than other players.

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