August 17 is the Day You Can Purchase GoPro’s Six-Camera VR Rig

On August 17, GoPro will be shipping preorder units of its six-camera “Omni” virtual reality rig. It will cost buyers $5,000 and will include six Hero 4 Black cameras, the cube-shaped metal housing and all the necessary hardware and software to film and stitch 360-degree footage. While the price seems quite high for the average consumer, it is a fair price for productions that want to capture high-quality and immersive video on a tight budget.

Not to mention, if you already own several Hero 4 Blacks, you can purchase a prorated version instead for $1,500. Over the past few years, filmmakers have already been utilizing GoPro rigs to film 360-degree footage. Each camera plugs into a central “brain,” which syncs the cameras at the pixel level. In addition, it syncs the settings of each GoPro, which means you only have to set the main camera.

The software includes an importer tool, which allows you the prepare the camera for filming. It also syncs all of the footage. Moreover, you get to use Autopano Video to implement more detailed stitching. Then, you get plugins for Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

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