Aurangabad’s Rahul Borole has Made a Name for Himself as a Photographer and Social Media Marketing Expert

A lot of youth today have found a great deal of success in the online world. But the ones who know how to work hard and find the right opportunity, make it big in their career, all by themselves. Aurangabad’s Rahul Borole is an apt example of the same. He is a renowned photographer and a social media marketing expert.

Social Media Marketing has a great scope at present, but only the best ones go ahead. Rahul Borole learned everything he could to understand the process in-depth and started his own RB Social Media Marketing venture.

If you think Rahul had all the success easy in life, you are mistaken. The entrepreneur-social media marketing expert worked hard to build contacts and achieve his targets. According to his teacher, he wasn’t one of the smart kids during his school days. Borole was a backbencher who had surprised all his faculty and friends with his immense success.

Rahul Borole shares that he was never inclined to studies, but had a great interest in co-curricular activities. Creativity made him happy, especially in photography. His first camera was a cell phone with which he would often click nature or his family/friends’ pics. When he got his hands on the Canon DSLR camera, his career as a photographer commenced.

At first, Rahul started with wedding shoots and indoor photography. His great skills made him popular. He got many outdoor shoot/coverage, modelling shoots, and photography projects related to political rallies and events featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and former Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis.

Talking about his career as a marketing expert, people connect with him directly or via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Rahul Borole’s client list consists of entrepreneurs, social workers, celebrities, politicians and even several brands and companies.

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