Why This Aussie Entrepreneur Turned Down Multiple Million Dollar Offers for His Blog

Joel Brown is the founder of Addicted2Success.com, the number one motivation website online. His website has reached over 120-Million views worldwide and his podcast, “Addicted2Success” has reached over 1.4-Million plays and downloads to date. He will also be featured in the new Think & Grow Rich film, set to release late 2017, and in another docufilm called RiseUp alongside The Dalai Lama, Jack Canfield, Alanis Morrisette and many more.

At 29 years old, Joel’s laptop lifestyle has allowed him to travel to more than a third of the world already. He can operate his online business from anywhere on the planet as long as he has a smartphone and a wifi connection.

Courageously Create and Take Risks

In April 2011, Joel created a ten year vision for his life and business in a sales training workshop with Jordan Belfort—aka, “The Wolf of Wallstreet.” He credits this experience with the birth of Addicted2Success. This was the day he stepped into his purpose and gained the clarity needed to take massive action. Joel said, “This was the day I really felt alive, this was the day my vision shadowed my fear.”

Joel would chunk down his goals to make them easier to achieve, from creating seven posts per week, to marketing seventy percent of the time and spending thirty percent of the time creating as much unique content as possible. He would also interview highly successful people on his Addicted2Success podcast such as Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Grant Cardone, Gabrielle Bernstein, Simon Sinek, and Gary Vaynerchuk, so that he could bring as much stellar advice and digital content to his followers.

When asked what sparked his drive to create a motivational coaching and media company, Joel said, “It is that undying inner hunger for more that really pulled me. It’s growth, it’s expansion, contribution, it’s moving the needle and creating some form of positive impact in this world. Placing bets on yourself and applying what is needed to become a better human being, is the best risk to take. I believe to courageously create and take risk is what it means to be an entrepreneur. That’s why I do what I do, it makes me feel alive and I find my solace in that.”

Don’t Be Afraid to Turn Down Big Money

Joel was presented a $1-Million Dollar acquisition offer two years into running Addicted2Success.com and another 1.2-Million Dollar offer shortly after that. After a tug-o-war of thoughts, Joel eventually turned down both offers due to his vision for the business. He had a passion for helping others by creating powerful content in the self-development space and inspiring millions by speaking on stages around the world.

Joel knows what it is like to do things just for money and he said it is ultimately unfulfilling. His previous job was working in an environmental team in the desert of Western Australia, wrangling snakes, lizards, kangaroos and many other wild Australian animals. He said he did it purely for the paycheck and it ended up being a huge driver for Joel to focus on surpassing his income of $120,000 AUD per year at the time.

Within one and a half years of running Addicted2Success.com, Joel was able to make enough money to tell his boss it was costing him too much to work in his current 9-5 anymore.

Let Go of the “Superman Complex”

Joel admits that his biggest struggle in the early years of building his business was the limitations of his own thoughts. He admitted to holding onto a “Superman complex.”
He believed that everything needed to be perfect and that he was the only person who was able to operate the business in the way that he did and that no one else would be able to design, create and network the way that he was able to.

This complex meant that Joel was needed 24/7 and his energy was wearing thin as the website and brand grew into the millions. He held off from hiring new talent for his business until his back was against the wall and the only way he could grow the business was to hire staff to join in on his vision.

Master the Fine Art of Adaptation

Joel believes that what makes the super successful stand out from your everyday person isn’t just positive thinking, it’s that they have mastered the art of adaptation. They can adapt to the changes in their market or in their business and this is what gives them the upper hand. This can be practiced, but it takes self-discipline. It demands that you invest your time and energy in staying on your toes and keeping an open mind to any sudden changes you may come across.

Online entrepreneurs need to be able to adapt, and Joel’s experience over the last six years has allowed him to make wise decisions when it comes to marketing and creating content. That is why Joel is a highly sought after talent in the online coaching space.

Surround Yourself with Great People… and Let Them Know How Great They Are

Sacrifice is not new to Joel. Three years into building Addicted2Success, Joel would often be invited by his friends to go out clubbing and Joel would often refuse to go because he would stay in his home office creating content and building his company. He experienced a big disconnect between himself and his friends because he was so immersed in his vision for success while they were unhappy in their day jobs. Joel believes in mastery, meaning that you commit to your vision for success and let your vision discipline you. Let your vision choose your friends for you and to guide you to know when to say “Yes” to the right opportunities and “No” to the opportunities that don’t serve your end purpose.

Joel said, “A lot of people aren’t going to understand your vision and dreams, and that’s okay, as long as you get it. I used to want to be friends with everyone when I started to reach a level of notable success, but now I know better. I want to help a lot of people, but when it comes to friends, now I just want a tight circle of friends who I can have deep and meaningful relationships with.”

When it comes to delegation in business, Joel believes it pays to learn about the different personality types and how to work with a wide array of personalities because everyone is different. It’s important to get to know what your staff and business partners value most in their lives, what they spend most of their money on, what they love talking about, what they spend most of their time thinking about, what lights them up etc.. so that you can best communicate within their needs and in the most effective way that they can understand. Joel believes appreciation really goes a long way. People want to feel valued so it’s important to give positive feedback to your employees as often as possible.

Define What Success Means to You

“Get clear on who you really are and why you are in business. Never forget why you started your business in the first place because a lot of people can lose sight of the shore and they start making decisions based off the adoption of somebody else’s definition of success. You have to define your why and what success means to you and run in a relentless pursuit to get it.”

Go to http://iamjoelbrown.com to watch Joel’s motivational videos and to listen to his world famous podcast.

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