Authenticity is the key Asserts Influencer and Fitness Coach Vinayak Veer

What is one thing aspiring fitness professionals should know?

Well, one of the most inspiring characteristics is to have self-belief. So when in life you’re having your share of ‘downs,’ you can courageously lift your spirits & conquer the world once again! I suppose that is how you win.

What is one moment in life that you will never forget?

I vividly remember the day,  I achieved 5 distinctions in different courses in my college days in less than a year. That was one of the biggest achievements for me since it was one of my firsts & I was never academically inclined, otherwise.

What are the issues Indian fitness professionals face?

I feel the health and fitness industry is an ever-growing industry but when you say growing you also need to be a part of it and the only way to grow with this industry is by keeping yourself updated.

Life is beyond good-looking biceps and well-defined abs. When we term ourselves as health and fitness professionals, we need to know every aspect of the concerned field. Therefore, consistent reading, researching, and updating are prerequisites. I think this is one of the major skills that fitness professionals lack.

What is the one thing aspiring influencers should know?

Being an influencer is not an easy job. You need to be there always and push your content everywhere. When you possess patience try to combine it with passion and watch wonders unfold.

On the contrary, people give up too soon self-inflicting disappointments. Always value your audience whether they are in small or big numbers. Remember you are a service provider, and you come with a price. Keep yourself updated with the latest trends around you and incorporate them into your content.


What’s the key to creating a brand for yourself?

Be real to yourself and establish genuine connections with people; a lot of people go wrong here. Authenticity is the key whether reel or real.

Is there anything you wish to spend more money/time/energy on?

It has been very difficult for me to spend time with my family since I am always on the run, so now I am focusing more on spending time with my family & my money on new shoes (hahaha).

Is there anything you wish you spent less time energy money on?

I feel negativity is one of the emotions, I don’t wish to dwell on. It not only consumes you but also cripples you. Mental health is one of the most important aspects these days. It’s easy to find positivity when you start loving yourself and that’s the way you can make your surroundings positive.

I try to stay away from negative thoughts and give no time and energy to them. I choose to be happy with what I have and I’ll surely keep building on it. Furthermore, I should be spending less money on shoes, but like any other human my guilty pleasure happens to be my footwear.

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