Authenticity is What Stands me and my Business out ~ Hala Owais, The Shop Hala CEO

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Skincare and beauty have started trending in the past years more than ever. They are not focused on looking a certain way or changing your identity. But instead, it is about working towards attaining healthy skin that is treated well. If you thought that skincare means lathering multiple things on your face in order to change your skin tone or reform your whole appearance, then probably you are doing it wrong. So how is it done right then?

Well, let’s have a conversation with one of the top Skincare and Beauty Educators from Dubai who is aesthetic, educational and even more practical – Hala Owais. Hala has been working in this field for quite a long time now and is going to clear all your doubts related to your skin. Hala is the founder of the most precise, lightweight yet glamorous eyelash brand, The Shop Hala.

How did you become interested in the beauty industry? Why did you choose your work ?

Well, the interest wasn’t something that was out of nowhere! I used to play with makeup as a little girl, as I got older I loved doing my sister and friends makeup. Eventually, I got into makeup artistry on Instagram and several beauty brands contacted me for content creation.

I loved learning about different products on the market and educating everyone on the ingredients and suitability of them. I diverted to being a beauty educator since the response was very positive on Instagram. And as time passed I became part of the industry.

When I launched my eyelash brand, the response I received was great. Even I won an award for the best influencer beauty brand from Cosmo the same year we launched!

What is something about your work you’re really proud of? Why?

I’m really proud of the respect I’ve attained as an individual in the beauty community. Because it’s very rare and important to focus on what matters beyond numbers.

My perspective of success or growth is never calculated by Instagram numbers or income figures. These all come along the way, however gaining respect from your fellow bloggers/influencers and brands is what really matters.

Who has been your inspiration throughout your journey so far?

I’ve been inspired by several people in my life. I’ve always tried to grasp the best qualities of others and add that on to myself. But if I had to dedicate it to one single person, it would be my father. His values or ideology and business ethics is something that inspires me until today. I learnt from his mistakes and was able to use those for my benefit. Whatever I am today, it’s just because of him.

Tell us about your eyelash brand? What was the motivation behind starting it?

Theshophala started with my need to find a good pair of lashes that fit every eye. When I was into being an Mua full time, this was one of the biggest battles for my clients and in fact for myself. I saw a huge gap in false lashes for every eye shape. And that’s how I started planning to create Theshophala. For now we have 3 lash types, Bambi, Dubai girl and Instafamous.

The response has been great. We won the best influencer beauty brand 2020 for the cosmopolitan middle east. In the coming year, we’re planning more influencer activations / PR and events.

Where do you see your career in the coming five years as a beauty educator?

I definitely want to get into expanding my business more in the next 5 years and slowing down as a beauty educator. But not leaving it completely since there’s so much of a keen interest I’ve developed over the years.

Moreover, the knowledge I’m holding is something I know is special and very different since not a lot of beauty influencers go into the minute details of ingredients and skincare as I have. So I would try my best to keep learning and create a large enough platform to continually pass this knowledge on.

What would you say is the most difficult part of being a beauty educator?

There are several things, but personally the hardest is finding updates and new ways of passing on information about new products. Detailed information is even available on Google, the challenge and task is to address it to the audience in an interesting and understandable way through content creation.

Any advice you would like to give to the budding beauty influencers?

I never consider myself in any greater position as an influencer to give advice. But if I had dedicated my growth to something it would be on the fact of authenticity.

It’s always important to add an element about yourself in everything you do. When you showcase your personality and experiences in a positive manner you’d be surprised to see the number of people who relate and that really builds a genuine following and connection with your audience.

What are your future goals?

I want ‘The Shop Hala’ to be in a huge retailer like Sephora middle east in the future. The best part about having a business is that you stand a fair chance to succeed no matter your race, color, social status etc. It’s a very fair game that is based on the actuality of your products and work ethics. So I’m definitely moving into the entrepreneurial side of my brand in the future.

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