Author Abhishek Kapoor Believes Digital Golgappa is the Future of Marketing

Author Abhishek Kapoor is a serial entrepreneur who has been adjudged as one of the top authors in India by national media. He is known for international bestselling books like ‘The Pride of t20 cricket’ and ‘The Selfish Betrayals’. Hailing from Kanpur, Abhishek is an engineer by education, a writer by chance, and has a special interest in sports and marketing.

Digital Golgappa is one of India’s premier marketing agencies that provides brand building, brand awareness, influencer marketing, digital marketing, PR, media features, and many more services to its clients. “It’s 2021, and people and brands are looking to go digital. A strong online presence is a must for anyone to connect with their target consumers/patrons these days. Digital Golgappa helps them achieve their goals.”

“Influencer Marketing is almost a new theory in India. But, the speed at which it is expanding is fantastic. In the coming years, this industry is going to roar,” believes Abhishek. He also states that influencers must maintain their niche. Any work outside the cubbyhole results in the fall of engagement, which is not good from a prospective brand’s point of judgment.

Digital Golgappa has a special affinity for books and authors. Having worked with 350+ authors, Digital Golgappa believes in the words said by Abhishek Kapoor, “people, money, time, and fame may always come and go, but what remains forever is a book well written.”

Media features spread a lot of information and give the brands and individuals the much-needed web presence and influence. Imagine a writer trying to push the sales of his/her book, suddenly gets approached on the side of the street by a follower claiming he read about her in Influencive! And the previous sentence is not just an example. It is a real incident that happened with one of the authors after his article was published in the media by Digital Golgappa.

Abhishek’s bestseller ‘The Pride of t20 cricket’ is based on a debatable cricket coach who goes on to compete in the prestigious cricket competitions of Kanpur. ‘The Selfish Betrayals’ on the other hand is a crime-based thriller and the story of an egocentric detective Monty, who tries his best to solve a complicated murder mystery

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