Author Meetu Chopra Believes Don’t Stop Until you Reach Your Destination

She is Meetu Chopra,Daughter of B.S.Chopra and Late. Kiran Chopra, student of B. Ed 4th semester who lives in Madhya

Pradesh(Jabalpur ). She is 25years old.She is a good student as she had scored good percentage at school as well in college level.She is also popular by the word ‘Topper’ in school time.She loves to write poetries. She had completed her B.C.A (graduation) from St.Aloysius’ College and Msc Cs( Post Graduation) from Aloysius’ College (Jabalpur ). She belongs to small family.

She had also started new startup called MD PUBLICATION.Her initiative was to provide best services to all writer’s at reasonable cost.She also works under JEC PUBLICATION as a Project Head.Also she works under RSP as Project Coordinator.

She is hardly dedicated to her work. Her motive is to learn new things and gather information which is helpful for her Development.

1.Won 25+ Writing Competitions.
2. Published in Taare Zameen par magazine, Feb Edition 2021.
3.Published at national level newspaper(Amar stambh, Uttar Pradesh), march 2021
4.Achieved an award with the title ‘Outstanding Contribution in Anthology’ from Indian Professional Awards 2020.
5.Achieved an award from the Achiever of Year 2020 in writing Category.
6. Achieved the title ‘Outstanding Contribution in Anthology ‘ from OMG book of Records
7.Achieved the Title ‘Outstanding Contribution in Anthology’ from Bravo International book of records.
8.Won applause awards 2021 organized by the applause awards.
9.Nominated for writers ink awards 2021.
10.Recognized from the forever star of book records for the ‘Outstanding contribution in Anthology’.
11.Published in mypencildotcom magazine, april edition 2021.
12.Achieved an award from the cosmos world records organization for the “Outstanding Contribution in Anthology”.
13.Achieved an award from the applause awards organization by the title ‘Writer’s Ink’.
14.She had recently received an award for her poetry book ‘Best Author Award’ in the Best Achievers Award 2021 from Magic Book of Record.
15.My Book ‘My Pen Writes’ is acknowledged as one of the ‘Fastest Compiled Anthology’ by FOREVER STAR BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS.
16.My Book ‘Family’ is acknowledged as ‘Fastest Compiled Anthology’ by Forever Star Book of World Records.
17.My Book ‘Broken But still Beautiful’ is acknowledged as ‘Fastest Compiled Anthology’ by Forever Star Book of World Records.
18.My Book ‘tom and jerry’ is acknowledged as ‘Fastest Compiled Anthology’ by Forever Star Book of World Records.
19.Achieved Women Victory Award 2021 under compiler category by the Star Awards.
20.Recognized as Inspiring star of the Year 2021 by the Priya’s wisdom Publication.
21.Recognized as Entrepreneur, designer, author by the Star Awards.
22.Tagore Commemorative Awardee 2021 by the NE8x
23.Sahityakosh Saman Awardee 2021 by the NE8x
24.Book honour awardee 2021 on the Occasion of World Book day from the NE8x Organization.
25.Nominated for Litfest 2021 by the NE8x.
26.India star Icon Awardee 2021.
27.Get Featured in Diamond Magazine, May 2021.
28.Published in Taare Zameen par Magazine, March 2021.
29.India Books of Records 2021.
30.Published in 200+ books as co-author as well as compiler of 10+ books.
31.Kalam Ki Takat,Sushobhit Bharat are 2 solo books.
32.Nominated as Best writer by the Exemplary Youth awards 2021.
33.Nominated as Best Author by the Fireboxx Awards 2021.
34.Nominated as Best Writer by the Kalam’s Ratan Award 2021.
35. International Kalam’s Golden Awardee 2021 under Best Writer of the Year from the Kalam’s World Records.
36.Featured on various media platforms like Dailyhunt, entrepreneur ethics, menafn, maxternmedia, The celeb lyf.
37.Published on Vents Magazine (media platform).
38.Achieved an award from Rising Star Awards as a writer and Achiever of the Year.
39.Co-Founder of MD PUBLICATION and also co-founder of MD SCRIBBLING.
40.Some poetries are published in dailyhunt which is a mixture of 10+ themes. For example :- life, Gst, fragrance, Save water, cartoon and many more.

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