Author Paul Preda Voicu Gives Expert Opinion On Bitcoin Movement

It is no doubt that Bitcoin’s movement has attracted a lot of attention over the past few years. Recently, in the mid-2020, there was a paradigm shift in the growth of the cryptocurrency sector, as a lot of coins experienced booming effects, especially Bitcoin reaching an all-time high in terms of value.

Paul Preda Voicu is an experienced author, writer and entrepreneur with in-depth knowledge and expertise on Bitcoin. He is the founder of a marketing agency brand, particularly video marketing. Over the years, Paul has travelled to more than 80 countries and has documented his journey on his Instagram page, @Paulsholiday. His travels were practically fueled by being ahead of the curve and picking up cryptos when they were not popular.

With his vast experience, Paul is currently on a mission to help people achieve success through the publication of his book, by sharing elite life-hacks that can be utilized to navigate life like the elites.

What does Paul Voicu think about Bitcoin?

Generally, Paul Voicu is of the opinion that bitcoin is here to stay. This belief is strongly influenced by the development of institutional interests. Strong financial institutions like PayPal, JP Morgan and others are constantly showing support for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. For instance, JP Morgan offered detailed investment plans for their premium clients.

Platforms like Coinbase or Etoro are now going public, and that according to Paul, is a great vote of confidence. The recent inclusion of crypto merchant payments on the giant online payment processor, PayPal is another huge vote of confidence for the crypto ecosystem. Basically, the crypto space is getting linked to all forms of online payments. Therefore, the synergy between the new system and existing ones will come to fruition very soon.

With Bitcoin’s growth last year, will it get even better?

Bitcoin did an incredible run last year by reaching a record-breaking ending of about $40,000. Currently, Bitcoin is valued at $60,000 and a market cap of over a trillion dollars, the run does not seem to be ending anytime soon because the growth will even get better.

“I believe that BTC price target will probably be $80,000, with a 3 trillion-dollar market cap by the end of 2021. Bear in mind that this is a very timid estimation”, Paul says. If you look a the top 10 cryptos right now, each and everyone has a market cap above 10 billion. That is huge!

Also, the crypto market is set to grow in bounds because new coins are being developed and dropped regularly, and they are being added to the over 2000 existing coins and while serving different significant purposes. Flowing from this, it is best to be diversified enough to weather any storm. The smart thing to do is to get involved in other promising coins that will grow your portfolio.

“The best advice is to be diversified enough to weather any storm. I believe that Ethereum, BNB, DOT and ADA are safe bets. The companies have great projects and partnerships this year. I expect at least 40% from this moment”. Paul states.

Paul further advises crypto traders and investors to look into other growing crypto projects because of the potential they harness.

“I always tell people to be on the look for new projects because they have a great potential to rise”, Paul advises.

How do you impact others with your expertise?

As a prolific writer and crypto expert, Paul Voicu is known to steer traders in profitable directions by giving smart trends for the foreseeable investment future. This advice usually leads to financial success in the long run. Paul’s books and write-ups help to impact investors in trading the right way.

Paul says, “Right now, cash is trash, the smart people that read this and have a basic knowledge of investing should be dollar-cost averaging at this point…”.

According to him, the smart way to invest is to hold only 30% of your net worth in cash, and profit from major market dips. Also, look into the PancakeSwap universe, for the hidden gems they offer, and follow tips from his telegram channel.

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